A Guide to Asking Rewarding Questions



In those moments when you are seeking direction or guidance; knowing what to ask or how to ask can narrow down your search.  The right questions are as helpful as an accurate GPS. This is especially true when dealing with the Akashic Records. 

Einstein said, "Most teachers waste their time by asking questions which are intended to discover what a pupil does not know, whereas the true art of questioning has for its purpose to discover what the pupil knows or is capable of knowing." So ask questions not to expose your ignorance but to uncover your Truth, or the Truth you are capable of knowing, and you will be rewarded with answers that liberate "for the Truth shall set you free." 

There are several ways to construct a question with a journalistic mindset using WHAT, HOW, WHEN, WHERE, WHO and WHYWHAT and HOW invite the most rewarding answers. WHAT questions broaden the perspective and lead to wider vistas of understanding.

Change WHEN to WHAT.  The problem with a WHEN question when consulting the Akashic Records is that it is a "moving target". It demands solid guarantees from the Sea of Life that constantly moves and changes.  To answer a WHEN question, the Akashic Records may only offer approximations without any guarantees, for the Akashic Records sees life as a flowchart of changeable events rather than a fixed date on the calendar or a fixed time on the clock.  This means the answer to a WHEN question may only be valid at the time the answer is given and not later.  To better formulate a WHEN question, instead of asking, “When will my house sell?”, you can ask, “What needs to happen in order for my house to sell?” This puts you in better charge of your time and circumstances.

Change WHY to WHAT or HOW. You raise the bar when you change the question from WHY to WHAT or HOW. A “What” question answers a query while still being able to address the “why” of things. For example, rather than ask, “Why am I having problems in my marriage?”, you can change that question from egoic to informational: “How can I reconcile the conflicts in my marriage?”  Instead of asking, “Why can't my mother and I get along?”, you may rephrase that to, “What is the dynamic behind my relationship with my mom that causes conflict between us? How can I resolve it?”

Change WHERE to WHAT.   As with a WHEN question, the answer to a WHERE question changes with the tide of people's free will choices and life circumstances.  Hence, the Akashic Records may only offer approximations without guarantees.  To get more reliable guidance,  instead of asking the Akashic Records, “Where should I move to?,” switch to, “I’m thinking of moving to France or Italy. What does my Book of Life advice about that?”. This still leaves you in charge of your decision-making.


Show Me.  "Show me" can reveal more information than "What."  "What" is a question that intellectualizes a query, often requiring an answer that satisfies one's need to know. "Show me," on the other hand, demands a response that satisfies one's need to experience and understand.  "What" gives way to Knowledge, "Show me" gives way to understanding and wisdom.  "What" enlightens one's mental aspect, "Show me" enlighten's one's beingness.  Hence, whenever you can shift a "What" question to "Show me," then do so.  For example, you can change "What is the the solution to this dilemma?" to "Please show me the solution to this dilemma," so that you invite not only an explanation of the solution but also an experience of it.


Avoid SHOULD's, OUGHT's, NOT TO's. Instead of asking dis-empowering questions that begin with should-ought-not-to, like "Should I stay with my partner?", consider asking questions like,:

  • "If I stay with my partner, what do I need to know/do in order to make it a happy union?"

  • "What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of our staying together versus parting ways?"

  • "Our relationship is irreparable. What happened to make it so? What am I meant to learn from it?" "What am I not seeing and why am I not seeing it?

  • How can I change my perspective and see what I need to see?"

  • "What can I do to find peace, forgiveness and healing?"


This type of investigative, constructive line of questioning is good to follow for any area of your life, be it career and financial planning, love life, spiritual matters and psychic development.


Avoid questions answerable by "Yes" or "No."  A "Yes/No"question is often a loaded question but a close-ended one. It does not leave room for open discussion, and it does not fill the gaps. For example, "Do I have cancer?" is a loaded question that does not leave room for explanation. Instead, make your 'Yes/No' query open-ended. For instance, you can request,


  • “Please look into my body to determine if there is any state of ease or dis-ease that I should be concerned about,” or

  • "What is the illness I am most vulnerable to at this time?"


Another example:

"I was offered a new job this week. Should I take it?" That question puts the power of decision-making in someone else's hands.

These kind of 'Yes/No' questions don't work well in the Akashic Records because the decision is ultimately yours. Rephrase that question to say,


  • "I am considering a job offer. What would I need to know and do in order to make a sound decision that is in my highest good and serves my soul purpose?"


Another example: "Will I get a promotion?" Predictive questions ask for static guarantees in a dynamic world whose outcomes change with the tide of your free will choices and life circumstances. As the captain of your ship, you can change that question to say,


  • "What do I need to know and do to get the promotion I seek?". Of course, you may still ask a Yes/No question, but be prepared to follow that up with a What, How or Why.

Ask authentic questions from the heart.  For instance, if you are looking for a job and feel nervous about it, your feelings around the matter will be of conflict. The first question you will probably ask is, "Will I find a job soon?" It would be preferable to address your conflicted state before the job hunting, because your conflicted state is immobilizing you. In truth, what your heart wants is to be free of conflict. What your heart wants is to expand the possibilities rather than contract in fear and doubt. So to get to the heart of the matter, ask questions from the heart. Example: "I have conflicted emotions about finding a job. How can the Masters and Teachers assist me with this?" Expand your question to explore, "Do the Masters and Teachers see better job opportunities for me that I am not seeing?", and follow that up with, "What approach do they recommend so that I can attract or manifest better prospects to myself?" 


Seek Truth and Resolution in the NOW rather than perspectives. Liberating, empowering questions are the kind that seek to resolve something and go after unpolarized Truth rather than polarized perspectives.  They deal with the NOW, because NOW is our point of power where we can still make a difference.  Instead of asking, "What is in store for me in the future?", rephrase to,


  • "Show me the best future that I can manifest from now on."


Instead of asking, "My marriage is on the rocks. Where did we go wrong? Where am I wrong? What is my partner doing wrong?" (this is seeking many perspectives), change to


  • "What is the 1st thing I need to change in me that will start the domino effect of healing and positive change in our relationship?"


Real life examples of questions that brought rewarding results:


  • What can the Masters and Teachers tell me about both the joy and pain of the relationship I'm in now? What does this tell me about my soul's journey? What is the lesson I need to learn in order to attain true happiness? How may I empower myself and my loved one to effectively make our dream of being together a reality?


  • What needs to happen for my professional career to be the most creative, fulfilling and productive? What are the spiritual resources I can draw upon to make this career one of freedom, courage, joy and fulfillment? What do I need to let go of in order to be creative and successful at earning income?


  • What does this longing for independence say about myself?


  • What can be done in my relationship with my parents, specifically regarding my need for independence, that will provide us all with true peace?  What is his perspective?  Her perspective?  THE perspective?


  • What does my fear of [state the fear] say about my soul and myself? What are the obstacles telling me to learn? How may I face these obstacles with courage and freedom?

  • How can I attract the opportunities that will allow me to make a great contribution and also gain invaluable insight into my life calling?


  • How can I support my loved one in finding true love, peace and fulfillment now? What resources can we draw upon?


  • If there were something I could change or do differently, what would that be?


  • If money weren't an issue, what would you advise? If money were an issue, what would you advise?









START with


the WHY and WHEN will not bring you the most bountiful information


Instead when you ask questions as investigative reporter you will be rewarded with a wealth of information and beyond the information a waterfall of energy that  provides deep shifts in our consciousness...