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Be Part of the Prosperous Circulation

God's Currency of Abundance

God's Currency of Abundance creates a sharing of Divine Providence~Prosperous Circulation. This mean when we share in gratitude (we share with love) we exprience the flow of prosperity for all. When we share in gratitude with others the forces of the Universe called Divine Providence provides for all involved in the sharing.

What does it mean to "Share in Gratitude"?


I say to you, as much as you have done to one of these my little brothers, you have done that to me."

Mathew 25:40



"Share in Gratitude" allows for us to thank God for what we have received and give forward to our brothers and sisters creating a circular flow that increases the abundance for all.




Be the force that provides a flow of prosperity that it creates a mutltiplication of new paths reaching beyond the limits of a river bank...


Saint Germaine's Prosperity Mantra:


God in me is the Keeper of my Treasure House; then I know God produces for my visible use, great abundance, money as fast as I requires its use, and that it is never late, and that all my seeming obligations are taken care of on time.

This video demonstrates it best

The Secret is

At least 333% ROI from Providence when you put your money where you want your thanks to go via sharing.

Prosperity behaves exactly like the movement of water. Prosperity must circulate, and flow to an outlet, otherwise it stagnates and dies like the Dead Sea. It can be channeled through human tributaries that lead to a larger stream of income. Or formed into a river delta. A river delta is an example of prosperity in large scale. The Nile River Delta (Figure 1) is a case in point-it fed the entire Egypt. 

Prosperous Circulation is an organic model for attracting and managing prosperity. It views prosperity as water movement, bodies of water and fluidity. Prosperous Circulation is not "extraction of wealth" or "concentration of wealth" (as practiced in today's economy) but "circulation of wealth" and "channeling wealth" to another water outlet.


Prosperous Circulation begins with money, goods or services changing hands unselfishly, in mutually beneficial exchange, with an attitude of gratitude and sharing. It puts the buddha back into the exchange. It takes into account the greater good in the spirit of Peace and One Brotherhood of Man, so it is not an "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" transaction.


There are 2 reasons for wanting to bring the buddha into the exchange. First, it stimulates a return flow from Providence, which brings good fortune. Providence, too, is a flow. In fact, it is the source of all flow on earth. It is sometimes referred to as the "River of Life" or "Sea of Life." And it can flow through you. Providence is the prosperous sea of divine potency and potential.

There's a practical and productive reason for incorporating gratitude and sharing into the exchange of money, goods and services. Gratitude turns on the faucet so that prosperity from Providence can flow through you. Gratitude turns on the love in your heart, predisposing you to share. Sharing is the tributary connector. It creates an organic connection for prosperous exchange to occur.

And now we come to the 2nd reason for wanting to bring the buddha into the exchange: it cleans the water of prosperity flowing through you, which increases your intrinsic value. People pay a premium for bottled Evian water from the St. Catherine springs in France. If you're a Dead Sea, nobody will want to drink your bitter, toxic water. If you're a Sea of Galilee that's teeming with marine life, people will swarm to you. 


When you give gratitude through sharing, it stimulates Providence to return it's gratitude to you in the form of generous good fortune, the gains of which flow to the giver, the receiver, and their loved ones. Not a bad deal, right? Good fortune brings many marine treasures: a healing phenomenon in the family, cost savings, profit, auspicious opportunities, open doors, a foot in the door, helpful people, desirable connections, wish-fulfillment, even extra cash. 

Our informal studies revealed that when you contribute with an attitude of gratitude and sharing (let's call it gratitude-sharing for short), the most conservative return you can receive from Providence is an impressive 333% PROI, although we have seen returns exceeding 4000% PROI. 


We call that waterfall of gain: "Providence ROI," or PROI for short.  It is Providence's Return On Investment for seeding gratitude. So if you want the cooperation of Providence for bountiful PROI, then foster an organic culture of Prosperous Circulation in your business model, career plans, investment strategy; in the exchange of money, goods or services; in both your professional and personal life. You'll be happy you did.

When we compared the responses of Providence to donating, paying, compensating, bartering, tipping, lending, and debt repayment vis-a-vis gratitude-sharing, we discovered that gratitude-sharing yielded the highest PROI, beating even charitableness. Why so? With charitable donations, generosity meets need. With gratitude-sharing, love meets love. Love is more fertile soil for seeding and harvesting. Love makes everything grow and flourish. Need does not.


Prosperous Circulation involves a paradigm shift from "alleviating poverty or suffering" to "seeding prosperity." So rather than give a "charitable donation," offer a "gratitude donation," or "seed of gratitude," or "love offering." A simple change in labelling can cause an inner paradigm shift. Compare the difference between "charitable donation" and "love offering," for example. The inner dialogue of a charitable donation can be: "I give because I'm feeling sorry for you," or "I give out of guilt and sacrifice," or "I'm parting with my money to help those less fortunate." In each of those statements, the inner tone is grief. By changing the label to "love offering," the inner melody switches to love. 

In an economy of Prosperous Circulation, the currency is Love.






Any thing that is not love is marine-litter that pollutes your water, inhibits your PROI, and can eventually turn you into a Dead Sea. Examples: fear, doubt, ingratitude, miserliness, maliciousness, hoarding, unworthiness, low self-esteem, selfishness, manipulative pretense, poverty-consciousness, unfairness, greed, entitlement, etc. They all have one thing in common: they clog your canal and stop the flow of prosperity to you.  Gratitude restores the flow.  


To harness the gains from Providence, you'll need a "water vessel" to contain the "rainfall from heaven." Examples of water vessels that harness: a profession or career, a corporation or LLC, a school, a home business, retail outlet, restaurant, etc.  A profitable water vessel is one that can share the most good with the most number of people.

Human tributaries have a role in keeping prosperity flowing. They are the connectors. They can connect a stream of income to a larger stream or river. Tributaries of Providence are not limited to influential CEOs, celebrity endorsers, marketing companies or salesmen. Sometimes, Providence can use a stranger you met in a gas station to connect you to your next job offer or income stream. That chance encounter may appear inconsequential or coincidental, but the intuitive eye will see the orchestration of liquid Providence flowing PROI to you in gratitude.


Who you share with affects your PROI. Keep this in mind when you manage, circulate and re-invest your PROI. For example, if you share your flow with a spendthrift, embezzler or corrupt politician, that's like channeling your flow to a Dead Sea. 


For a better return, discern who are the "Dead Seas," who are the "Seas of Galilee" and who are the "St. Catherine springs." In our experiments, we discovered that gratitude donations to pristine spiritual organizations and lineage holders offer some of the best PROI around, yielding more PROI than commercial or business entities. Not all spiritual organizations are equal, though. In our experiments, corrupt spiritual organizations yielded poor PROI. From this we learned: when you share or seed a donation, the purer and cleaner your recipient or beneficiary is, the more good fortune Providence returns to you for your seed investment.  


Paticipating is easy and here are some ideas:


Just decide the amount you are going to "share in gratitude" and look for organizations or causes that provide more than just answering an immediate need.


Such as organization that not only feed the people but provides a path for them to feed themselves and their families or a cause that not only liberates people their oppresion or circumstances but provides ways for the liberated person to pay forward and create a better life for themselvas and their communtiy.


The key is what you give provides mutliplication as a Delta provides tributaries carrying nourishment that creates fertile land where ever it flows to... mutliplying the fertile land in the area.

The Nile River and the Delta

When you participate in any of my services or events you are part of this new Prosperous Circulation. A portion of the fee is donated to organizations around the world that are helping create a new financial structure one that truly embodies PeaceAndOneBrotherhoodOfMan where LOVE is the new currency.