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Helping clients achieve a happier and healthier life through Empower Your Amazing Life Story coaching and mentoring.  Discover the priceless gems stored within your own amazing life story! Learn how these inner treasures are crucial to your leadership style, your career choices, your personal relationships and to the success in business, and in your personal growth. 

Mercy Martinez
Discover the hidden treasures stored within....
They can be your best ally or your worst enemy.

Your innate talents, skills and abilities plus your values and beliefs are all part of your inner GPS.

Now add all the knowledge learn from your own life experiences and you have a GPS that is continuously being upgraded to meet the challenges and opportunities of your life.

What can we do to maximize this GPS so we can achieve a balance, healthier and happier life?

Coaching helps you answer this question and more! 



Ignite, and let your life blossom!

“The Power of Your Amazing Story assisted me in putting in order my life. I learn how to look at my memories and photographs of the past in a new perspective, seeing how they had influenced me in my life. It gave me a greater inner peace, relaxation, joy and an openness to engage with others—.” Fred F. Tacoma, Washington


"Mercy I have no words to express my gratitude for this retreat, Empower Your Amazing Life Story, helped me heal my past wounds and opened my heart to experience a love for my mother that is beyond words. I leave feeling whole, in peace and with so much unconditional love in my heart that is overwhelming."  Yolanda, Pembroke Pine, FL

All of my services are designed as Self-help material. All the testimonials were given freely and each participant's experiences are unique to each individual.

None of my services or material is to be used in replacement of any professional medical treatment. 

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