Back-On-Track Life Coaching and Mentoring


It is a unique consultation designed to offer you the opportunity to discover your precious treasures, such as your innate abilities and talents stored within their own life story. 


This is a one of kind technique based on your life story.  This approach opens the door to seeing new perspective in life. The results are profound and impactful as you awaken and ignite your own authentic self and honor you truth.

The session guide you to uncover the inner treasures that are buried within the your own life experiences. As you uncover these priceless treasures you are able to embrace all your weakness and celebrate your strengths. 

What do you get?

  • Learn how to create a balance life

  • Discover your authentic self

  • Embrace all your parts so you can live a prosperous life

  • Have and maintain authentic relationships 

  • Align your career and/or business to your life's purpose

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Carefree Drive


"This EMPOWER YOUR LIFE session has been one of the best sessions I have experienced. I received clarity and answers in the most loving and compassionate way. I highly recommend anyone searching for clarity in their lives to go see the lovely Mercy and know that she will give you exactly what you need to move forward in the areas of your concern. I have not even begun the work I need to do and already feel a shift happening after leaving the session with Mercy. I am forever grateful to have experienced this and look forward to continuing to work with Mercy."

Lisa Sanchez, Virginia Beach



"Thank you Mercy, I am truly inspired by our mentoring session.This session was more direct in that I explained what was going on in my head - the ideas - the projects- and how I get overwhelmed with which comes first and then I tend to do nothing. Mercy gave me a clear next steps to take. I went online the very next day and started work on what we spoke about. I feel ready to move forward now."

~ Renee Branch, CMT, Virginia Beach



"Mercy your Empower On Life

 Mentoring session really got me to go deep within myself for the true answers and questions. I learned a lot from the session. I also felt a shift in some inner conflicts along with a raise in vibration which I am still feeling 3 days later.

P.M., Florida


"The Empower On Life  session experience touched me on a soul level, opening my eyes to my own infinite potential while providing a practical guide to get to my goals. I can't wait to get started on what I learned. Nothing compares to referring to this vast sea of knowledge!"

-Noelle Rodriguez, Business Owner, Philippines


"Mercy's your Empower On Life Consultation hit me straight in my heart with such profound truth. I was amazed how the answer to my first question it answered all of the questions and gave me such joy and liberation in my heart.  As I read back my notes I realized they started describing where I was in life and then gave me practical information meanwhile the love I felt in my heart open me to releasing my blocks from the past. Today I feel as if my life has completly change into a joyful and heart based live. Thank you so much. I would tell anyone is worth taking the time and experiencing this session " 

 E.T. Miami, FL


"Thank you Mercy, your Empower On Life session felt like an embrace of love and I could feel energy being shifted inside of me as my chakras felt being realigned and by the end of the session I felt whole and with clear vision of what to do next." R.S., Miami, Fl


"Thanks, this session gave me more refine answers. As I felt an embrace of energy that hit my heart and it went through my entire body full of love. The answers has a wholeness within them at is hard to explain. Again thank you for such unique experience"

Kylie Hebert, New York

Authenticating Life

Back-On-Track Life Coaching & Mentoring