Forgiveness thru Gratitude Workshop





One of the most powerful and profound transformational workshop you gift yourself....

This is truly a gift to self and all of those you love. This workshop opens your heart, heals the wounds and gives you the the opportunity for a new life. A new life of inner peace, experiencing a new awareness of inner security and wholeness opening you to relationships that may have seem impossible.

What are the benefits of this workshop?

This workshop works in understanding how each of us are connected and how when we are able to heal you are truly healing the entire family tree and more.

What can I expect at the end of this workshop?

At the end of this workshop you will have experienced a inner shift where you can feel more at peace and a sense of wholeness....such as feeling lighter as if 

How will I know I have healed my wounded heart? 

The pain of the memory will be lighter if not gone totally. You will be able to see the incident that accused the wound from a place peace.

What makes this Workshop different than others?

Most Forgiveness Workshop works don't go into the deeper meaning of what caused the wound in the first place and how our perceived memory of the incident can be limited due to the pain suffered. We explore the rewards and consequences of experiencing such pain.

This workshop compiles the wisdom and knowledge found in the Ancient Philosophy of the Hawaiian Kahunas.

Practical Exercises

     that helps you feel in peace and balanced....

What people saying?

"Mercy the moment we started to talk I could feel the energy field of the room had shifted and as you spoke I could feel the shift within me (it made me sleepy and so relaxed) then to my surprise I saw my soul's vision and not only was I able to see it but within our 25 mins I had own it. I leave with such great feeling of inner peace and certain of my future-- I am more amazed that this powerful shift within me was accomplished within a 25 minutes session. Feel so grateful Thank You!" Blanca, Miami, FL


"Wow, is what comes to my mind as I just experienced an amazing session that if I hadn't experienced it I would have not believed it! In 25 mins Mercy, you were able to unblock and release my resistance to my soul's mission while healing wounds -- by the end of the session not only was I in a different place energetically but I felt completely free- liberated as I now know I own my vision and I am ready to do my soul's mission. I will tell all my friends! Your session was a priceless gift."  R.N. Miami, FL

"Mercy you are such a special lady in less than 30 minutes you open my heart and connected my 3 areas of concerns with such a transformative energy that I leave filling whole, with a new perspective in my soul's mission that is beyond words-- my heart overflows with joy. Thank you again!" M.E., Miami, FL


"Thank you Mercy I have been so devastated for my failure as a business woman and I leave healed. I can see and know in my heart the experience I classified as failure was in deed is a opened expanded territory to create even greater than before-- I leave with a new and invigorating plan of action. Thank you for giving me back hope and life." A. D., Miami, FL