That help you feel peaceful and balanced within.......

The Cross of Light



  • Take a moment and sit in a chair that you feel comfortable while having your back straight.

  • Close your eyes and take 3 deep breath -- Inhale deeply expanding your abdomen and then slowly Exhaling all the air out. Repeat this at least 3 times or continue taking theses deep breaths if you feel your mind is very busy with thoughts or you feel your body to tense until you feel the body relaxes and your thoughts are less.

  • Now Perceive (by visionalizing, feeling or imagining) a bright light coming from Divine Source above you and coming into your crown chakra (the top of your head) and allowing this beam of light move downward through all your energy fields/chakras balancing and aligning them-- the bright light travels through your body downward to your root chakra and it moves pass the root chakra all the way tothe very deep center of Mother Earth, where you will find a energy pool of blue/white light-- the beam of light anchors here.

  • Now move your inner eyes and focus to your heart center and feel the beam or column of light in the center of your being -- Heaven and Earth united

  • From the heart center perceive (by visionalsing, feeling or imaging) 1 beam of light coming into your heart from the left side of your body and 1 beam of light coming into your heart from the right side of your body uniting with the center beam of light and creating a Cross of Light within you.

  • Take a few moments to feel this energy of love and peace within you. You can be here as long as you desire or until you feel your inner peace and harmony restored.


This exercise can be done as many times as you feel you need in one day. Three is no limit in bringing this Cross of Light and allowing it to balance, align and harmonize you.





Embracing Your Soul

What makes us be able to look within and feel accomplished and happy? What drives us to the behaviors we desire vs the owns we despise? What are the unconscious acts we do every day that contributes to the life I don't desire? What can I do to break away from my old patterns? What can I do to break away from my comfort zone? or from my own fears?


There are many ways to break away and create the life you desitre but for me the most profound and transcendental way is by first embracing you as you are at this present moment and acnolwedge the whole journey that took you to thie precise moment. When we embrace we consciously accept our responsibillity of our past and open ourselves to consciously create the life we desire.


Simple steps to start the process: (Always start in a place where you feel aligned and in peace. Do the Exercise of the Cross of Light or any other exercise that bring to you the feeling you are not alone and thus the strenght to go through this exercise)




  1. Create a list of all the things you believe are holding you back from the desire life and lets name that list "Reality". (Don't evaluate but just brainstorm so all things even what seems odd and crazy is considered.)

  2. Create another list of all the things you want in your life and lets name this list "My Pretend Life". (Don't evaluate but just brainstorm so all things even what seems odd and crazy is considered.)

  3. Now look at the both list and to each item in both list ask yourself the following questions and write beside the itmes your answer: (For each question create a list again leaving nothing out-- just writing everything it comes to your mind when you ask yourself each question make sure you have at list of no less than 5 items listed for each question.)

    * What did it bring into your life?


    *What is this connected to?

  4. After you have answer the qeustions and have written down the answers give yourself some time to just look and observe the wholeness-- the whole picture of all the words that have come up, all the things you may have not even noticed before or knew but was ignoring.

  5. Take a deep breath and just relax. Do any exercise that will allow you to feel centered. You can use the exercise above The Cross of Light.

  6. After you feel centered, embrace all that you have written and acknowledge with gratitude all the information your own inner self has provided for you, as it is a true gift!

  7. Step away knowing that you are already starting a new journey because when we are aware or we witness something there is already a shift in consciousness. Don't try to force any change. It is time to just let all this awareness take the time to process so give your self some time for the next phase. (Take at least a week but no more than 4 weeks)

  8. For the time you have given yourself  be it a week or 4 weeks just journal your day with gratitude for all that you have done each day. And at the end of this period you are ready for the next phase.




Time to look for the behind the scenes unconscious acts that created the fuel for you to do the things you did, that is what pushed you or drove you to behave, think or act the way you did when you looked at your "Reality" list.


We have been given a lot of information on how to erase, edit or eliminate from our memories all the bad stuff and leave only the good stuff, the moments that gave us joy and happiness. But that way of thinking is creating another illusion and thus not dealing with the reality of your own unconscious mind and it purpose in experiencing all those bad moments. ( Note: Not that we intentionally at a human level create the pain but at deeper levels of our soul there is a consciousness of using the pain as learning tool)


So lets open ourselves to the exploration that even in the worst moments in our lives there has been a treasured buried underneath all the pain.


Looking at the list labeled "Reality" ask the following questions: (Don't judge let all the thoughts that come to your mind be acknowledge and write it down)


*What did I learn from this?

*What am I still learning from this?


After you ask these questions allow yourself some more time to bring forth information that may not be so readily to access from the unconscious mind. Take time to observe self with gentleness and gratitude. Write in your journal any thoughts that may come up when observing self and asking What am I learning from this? Give yourself 4 weeks to do this observation exercise and write daily in your journal.


Remember whenever you feel unease or anxious or fearful just do the Cross of Light exercise. You can repeat this exercise all day long-- as many times as you need to feel inner strenght and peace.