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Professional Coach Mentor
Mercy Martinez

Helping clients achieve a happier and healthier life coaching and mentoring them to discover the priceless gems stored within their own amazing life story!

Discover the hidden treasure stored within....

Have you ever stopped to consider Your Own Life Story?


Have you been....

Looking for the answers out there...?


Searching for experts to tell you how to do it? or to tell you who you are?


Desiring to discover what is your life purpose?


What is your "WHY"?


All the information you are looking for is stored within YOU.... it only takes for you to take the time and travel within to uncover the greatest treasures you could ever own......





Discover all the behind the scenes notes you left for yourself inside each memory and each experience..... As you review all those memories... you are able to honor them for what they have given you.... You get to understand they are like a string of lights all connected giving each other the power to shine as a whole thus creating a string of lights... that makes for a profound inner transformation.... like waves of inspiring music opening you to the fullness of your truth.....and to


When you take the time to put words to your thoughts, to your experiences and to your memories, you open yourself to a Journey of Mastery, allowing you to discover your own Inner Sage. In awakening your Inner Sage, you have the opportunity to open yourself to own Your Amazing Story, thus creating a lifestyle that radiates your OWN TRUTH.

My personal adventure started when my parents left their native country, Cuba, risking our lives for a life of freedom--as my father told me all my life--for "Freedom of Expression".


With such a background you would think that I would have had a childhood with no fears or an adventurous child or at the very least been an outspoken child..... instead my childhood was the reverse, I was a very shy little girl--afraid to speak up or to be in the limelight or ten venture outside the comfort zone of being close to my family.











Today I am a Holistic, Life, Career & Executive Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Facilitator, Writer and Storyteller all the things I would have never thought I could BE.. Yet it blossomed in me as natural as saying my name...when I discovered the empowering treasures stored within my amazing life story just waiting for me to discover them!

Are you ready to uncover the power stored behind

Your Own Amazing Story?


Behind all these memories... you will discover that you left clues

behind each memory... as like in a time capsule waiting for you...

Let's explore and find what clues you left in your story....



This Coaching Program can be structure as:

*Weekend Retreat

*One Day Workshop

*4 week -- 3 hour per week Coaching Package

*3 Month or 6 Month Coaching Package

*Individualized Private Sessions


Whichever format you choose they are all part of a transformational process that invites you to honor your life story, to open your mind to the beauty stored within you, to experience a deeper awareness of who you are and what ignite your "why" and through the process embrace the greatness of your being. Empower Your Amazing Life Story Coaching Program guides you to ignite and own your authentic self!


For more information contact us at or


What empowering messages is your life story storing for you...?

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“The Power of Your Amazing Story assisted me in putting in order my life. I learn how to look at my memories and photographs of the past in a new perspective, seeing how they had influenced me in my life. It gave me a greater inner peace, relaxation, joy and an openness to engage with others—.” Fred F. Tacoma, Washington


"Mercy I have no words to express my gratitude for this retreat, Empower Your Amazing Life Story, helped me heal my past wounds and opened my heart to experience a love for my mother that is beyond words. I leave feeling whole, in peace and with so much unconditional love in my heart that is overwhelming."  Yolanda, Pembroke Pine, FL

“The Power of Your Amazing story open me to realize that the woman I wanted to BE since I was a little girl is the woman I AM today—this discovery was a profound and powerful shift within me—beyond words my heart overflows with gratitude for this class”.  K.H.  Alexandria, N.Y.

All of my services are designed as Self-help material. All the testimonials were given freely and each participant's experiences are unique to each individual.

None of my services or material is to be used in replacement of any professional medical treatment. 

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