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Any of the following workshops can be expanded into a retreat or customize to the commodate a specific schedule. They are also available in Spanish or English.


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Life Calls You By
Your Name

Life Calls You By Your Name – just like the blooming of a flower your Soul notches you gently towards your mission—as you start consciously awakening to your Spiritual Being. Your unconscious mind brings forth treasures from the deepest part of your Soul nourishing you until Your Deity within is fully awaken consciously—and the flower is in full bloom.


  • Discover the hidden power within your Name

  • Learn how to uncover the deeper meaning of your Name

  • Unlock your encoded Soul’s Life Mission within your name


Names have their meaning and these depend upon the purposes when such are bestowed upon an individual entity entering the earth’s plane.”   Edgar Cayce Reading 457-10.


Forgiveness Towards Inner Peace

Although we may know of the power of FORGIVENESS, we also know that is not an easy road to travel. You may have heard the following: "I forgive but I don't forget"...  and to this phrase we must ask ourselves "Are we forgiving or are we pretending to forgive because we have been told is the path to Oneness?"


When we pretend to forgive we still hold an energetic cord to the situation and/or the individual that wounded us. We keep an emotional unconscious memory that is triggered to our consciousness by any event that brings that same memory thus exposing the buried inner wound over and over again...like a vicious cycle with no ending...


IF you are ready for shifting or breaking from the vicious cycle that continues to reminds us of our wounds, if you are ready to heal then this workshop is for you!


True FORGIVENESS erases the wound from time and space and liberate you beyond any other action you can do in this earth.  Liberating you from the cycle of  re-living the wound over and over again and bringing you a life of deep inner calmness and inner peace.


Allow Divine Grace to guide you through a deep and transformation healing.

Your Inner Divine
Feminine and Masculine

Hence as has been given, know thyself, in whom thou believest! Not of earthly, not of material things, but mental and spiritual—and why!....E.C. Reading 850-3


Know within self what you believe. Know the author of your belief, spirituality as well as mentally and materiality…” E.C. Reading 3152-1


This interactive workshop is designed for each participant to:

  • Learn and experience your inner Divine Feminine and Masculine energies and their attributes—your secret path to Oneness.

  • Discover their relationship and how it can bring a deeper connection to Divine Source as they work together to unify separation within you.

  • Explore exercises that will reconnect to your Divinity within creating a deeper awareness of Your Presence of Oneness.


This workshop combines the knowledge from the Ancient Hawaiian Healing Arts, the Mysticism of the Kabbalah and precepts from the Edgar Cayce readings. A unique new approach bridging the ancient knowledge with practical application for this 21st century.


Your Inner Child; Key to your inner treasures and more

This workshop is designed to assist you to discover and empower your inner child, The key to manifestation is when we are able to understand our inner child is our connection with Divine Source; thru the innocence of the child we are able to see the Divinity in each other...

This workshop:

  • ​Heals childhood wounds

  • Embraces the Divinity within

  • Open the heart towards wholeness

  • Provides the tools for greater heartfelt living