Sacred Heart Akashic Pathway Consultation

Sacred Heart Akashic Pathway Consultation?

It is the ability to access your individual Akashic Records, known as "Your Book of Life" or "Your Book of Remembrance"


In an Akashic Consultation you can ask your own Book of Life questions that will give you guidance, direction, understanding and above all a clearer picture of the inquiry at hand and expand in understanding what is truly is in your heart. The Akashic Consultant open your Book of Life/Akashic Records through a sacred prayer. 


The Akashic Consultation provides you with the opportunity to feel the energy that is stored within your Book of Life/Akashic Records. At times, it is not so much the words given to you from your own Akashic Records but the energy you feel that allows you open to new ideas or solutions that you may had not seen before thus giving you insights on how you can solve an issue or how you can restore a situation to wholeness. 

All the questions asked to the your Book of Life must be formulate by you as it is your own Book of Life. The guardians of your Book of Life/Akashic Records will give you information that you, thru your free will, have asked to know but it will always be in a form of suggestions that you can consider when applying your own discernment and free will. 


The healing energy of the Akashic records allows us the freedom to choose grace; therefore, overriding any illusion we have created that causes us to believe we are separated from God/Divine Source.




Mercy Martinez, is an Akashic Sacred Heart Pathway Consultant and Teacher.  In 2017, after working with the Akasha field for over 10 years the Akashic Sacred Heart Pathway was given to her to teach and use in her private Akashic Consultations. The sacred prayer gives those that use it a pathway to greater clarity and guidance through the Sacred Heart of the Christ, opening a pathway to a deeper relationship with God. 

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