The Journey of Knowing Thyself

The journey of “Knowing Thyself” starts with the most important step, which is, to know your own connection to God or Divine Source, that is, your personal connection to God or Divine Source.

Whether you find this connection in a Church, Temple, Mosque, nature, or in the silence, know that the connection is located inside of you and that the outside environment supports or inspires you to connect to the essence of God/Divine Source within.

As you strengths this personal connection with God/Divine Source within, you open yourself to explore more of whom you are and the journey of self-discovery begins opening you to a greater awareness of your Beingness.

I encourage you to look within and start this simple step of knowing your personal connection with God/Divine Source. Do you feel Him inside of you when you are in church? , When you are in a quiet space of contemplation, reflection or meditation?, When you are walking in a park? or When you are spending time with your family? Just observe self and notice when do you feel connected with God/Divine Source and why?

It is when we are conscious of our feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions that we can start understanding more of ourselves, that is, the awareness of our depths comes to surface. The science of Neuroplasticity tells us our brain has the ability to change in structure or function in response to experiences. That our thought indeed contribute to our own transformation and that we are not stuck with a personality or fated to a predestine life. We have the ability to change the course of our journey through our free will and create our life as we change and evolve.

It is very liberating when you are able to discover within you the deeper levels of your beliefs and ultimately the reason behind your thought patterns. When you are able to see how they sabotage you or blocking you from the outcomes you desire. In truth, the liberation occurred at the moment you became aware of these blocks or the perceived sabotage. Your own prison doors opens and you are able to feel the sensation of liberation or freedom.

If you desire to feel liberated and free you can start with the first step to “Knowing ThySelf”.

Exercise guidelines:

  • Commit to observer self

  • Journal your observation and your feelings (don’t make any judgments about the feelings or the observations)

  • Do this for 30 days

  • After the 30 days notice how are you feeling? Review your notes and see what insights have you been able to learn about yourself. You may notice you truly have great insights that you have given yourself credit for or you notice your inner soft voice more clearly than before or you may be surprise with new insight about yourself you had not noticed until now.

  • At this time you can continue for another 30 day or do a 90 day observation or stop at this point.

  • If you stop at this point, then look at your insights, What have you discover about yourself that is new or confirms what you suspected? Do you have enough information to create an action plan?

  • If you have enough information to create your action plan go ahead and write an action plan. Remember keep observing yourself even through the process of creating the action plan and executing the plan. In observing yourself as your go through the process of planning and taking action you can continue to grow and make choices from a conscious state of mind which gives you a feeling of control. Your Amazing Life Story is a treasure chest full of gems to be discovered!


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