Your Heart is Singing...

Have you experienced waking up and feeling renewed or as if you heart is singing with joy? I know at some point in our lives we have experienced such moments where the JOY just bounces up from deep within our hearts... it makes us feel hope and inspired for a better tomorrow.

These moments can be experienced at any given moment in our lives... but they are more impactful when they occur after a it an emotional, physical or financial storm... when after feeling drain or stuck or as if a fog doesn't let you think clearly or you fear you don't know how you are going to survive the storm... and then all of the sudden... there is a break through and all of the sudden hope shines through and the darkness starts to dissapate... you start to feel the small rumblings of joy within the recess of your heart.

Your heart starts to sing your favorite song and you just feel inspired even though you know you still may have struggles to conquer. Let your heart sing and make sure you consciously encourage yourself to allow your heart to guide you through this breaking moment... when you realize you are greater than your struggles because deep within you.... in the core of your being... in that heart that beats continuously is the knowing of your connection to a greater power than self... your connection to God!

Recently I experienced the betrayal of a friend... more than a friend... a soul sister... a person of which I had shared a strong bond for over 14 years. It was painful and yet I experienced a mixture of feelings that truly surprised me at the moment of that our relationship was being destroyed. I discovered that within me, at the core of my being stood firmly my awareness of my connection with God. This knowing of my relationship and allegiance to God guided me through this event in my life as it had done in so many other storms. It was this bond within my heart that was able to mitigate the pain and allow me to see brighter days ahead... the one that made me feel I was not alone... that made me feel mercy and compassion instead of hate and revenge for my friend. You see I was able to feel and know that it was as much her choice as it was my choice to not follow in the same path as she had chosen.... and for that I felt peace and love in my heart.

As it always happens one usually ends up reviewing the time together and wondering where we may have gone blind. As I reviewed my 14 years journey with my friend I became aware of all the subtle signs that had been there for me to capture but I had chosen to ignore them. I could choice to feel sorry for myself or choice to feel broken or choice to feel hateful towards her or even plan my revenge... but none of those actions would have brought me to experiencing peace and love in my heart.

My heart sings today because I know that for me as is for each individual life's ups and downs is a matter of choice and is through our choices we stray far away from God or closer to God. That at the core of God's promise stand the true understanding of His gift to each of us "free will" and with that gift comes the journey of discernment. How we choose to live our lives is completely dependent of our own choices and even when we choose to deviate from our oneness with God, He still embraces us when we choose to walk back with Him.

Let your heart sing... Let your heart guide you... May you know all your ups and downs can bring you to a stronger connection with God!

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