A Soul Life Regression (SLR) is akin to a Life between Life Regression. The session connects you to your Higher Self and guides you to review your experiences within your Soul's journey unifying your past, present, and future. An SLR session provides an in-depth understanding of your Soul's Mission and Purpose while liberating you from self-imposed limitations, heal past wounds and it opens your heart to a new journey.

Mercy Martinez, Hypnoterapists and Teacher. Trained by Dr. Michael Newton, Lynn Sparrow-Christy, Dr. John Mein. Combining all her training and her innate abilities she designed this unique regression known as Soul Life Regression.


  • Liberation from Self-imposed limitations & beliefs patterns

  • Expansion of Consciousness

  • Healing of past experiences, wounds, and memories 

  • Opens the heart to the fullness of Divine Love

  • Empowering the infinite potential stored within  

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Soul Life Regression 

What clients have said after their sessions:


"Mercy, I never knew that I could heal this past experiences to the level of such depth. Thank so much for your guidance, I feel liberated in ways I can't explain in words other than Thank YOU!


"Wow!, I truly feel like a new me! Mercy this regression open my heart and gave me an understanding of my life's purpose that I had never thought possible. Thank so much for you loving energy and guidance. I would recommend this session to anyone that is searching for deep healing and awakening to their soul's purpose."


"I had this deep wound in my heart and had many other types of modalities and therapy but this Soul Life Regression was the only one that allowed me to finally release and heal this heart of mine."


"Being able to feel my connection to God and to understand from the eyes of my higher self-gave me a new prospective of the experiences from my past as I have never thought possible."