Powering Up Your Amazing Life Story


 Workshop/Webinar /Retreat

Ready to start the journey to a life of Inner Peace?



Powering Up Your Amazing Life Story is a journey to a life of Inner Peace. It gives you the opportunity to actively engage in uncovering your greatest treasures that are hidden within your own amazing life story.


As you open the gates to Your Amazing Life Story journey you will be invited to play, explore, uncover, heal, and restore self into Wholeness~Oneness with all that you truly are while celebrating the 

fullness of what it is "Your Amazing Life Story".


I invite you to invest in your own story and unleash it's fullness, it's riches, and untapped reservoir hidden beneath that veneer we call “personality”.


Be an active participant and explore the empowering force behind who you truly are~ awaken to the present moment and embracing your story in its totality.


As you venture into Powering Up Your Amazing Life Story with full awareness of its greatness, you will gain the ability to stand without fear while liberating and unleashing your innate abilities and skills~~ restoring to Wholeness and becoming a who you desire to be!


You will:

  • Open the gate to a new perspective that ignites your inner knowledge

  • Engage and play with new insights as you embrace the knowledge and wisdom within you

  • Discover the hidden secrets you left behind for you to discover within you life story

  • See behind the curtains as your vision expands to see your magnificent 360-degree view of your life

  • Heal as you understand the beauty that is stored within each memory or experience 

  • Dance to your own music as you embrace all the pieces of whom you are

  • Restore and Reconnect to your inner power

  • Liberate all of your own limitations buried within your life experiences

  • Live a life of Inner Peace that is yours to live!

  • Unleash your prosperity and well-being as you stand in complete ownership of Your Amazing Life Story!


Powering Up Your Amazing Life Story is for everyone that is ready to unleash their magnificent self.


Are you ready for action, adventure, exploration, transformation, healing and restoration? ~

                                    Lets Power Up Your Amazing Life Story!




"Powering Up Your Amazing Life Story is liberating! It's inner work that doesn't feel it"s inner work."   Rami Singian, Phillippines 


“The Power of Your Amazing story open me to realize that the woman I wanted to BE since I was a little girl is the woman I AM today—this discovery was a profound and powerful shift within me—beyond words my heart overflows with gratitude for this class”.  K.H.  Alexandria, N.Y.


"Mercy I have no words to express my gratitude for this retreat. My bonding with God and the Masters is complete, because my circle is complete, and I couldn't have done it without this seminar. This program gave me the healing with my mother and open me to see my soul's mission; the feeling was overwhelming."  Yolanda, Pembroke Pine, FL


 “The Power of Your Amazing Story assisted me in putting in order my life. I learn how to look at my memories and photographs of the past in a new perspective, seeing how they had influenced me in my life. It gave me a greater inner peace, relaxation, joy and an openness to engage with others—.” Fred F. Tacoma, Washington


“This class sent me back through my life to explore events of which had been photographed and through the power of the mind those which had not been photographed. I received on appreciation for my life up to this point. It made me review all that has been and look forward to all that is yet to be... And even though it was a busy time in my life I found myself thinking about my life path and how I got to where I am in the present. It gave me time to reflect and introspect—For that I am grateful”  Patsy Sykes, Mississippi


"Oh my God! When I did the first exercise I realized "I am the Queen my child had dreamed for me". This day has been more than words can be described greater than any therapy session. Thank you what a gift!"  Digna, Miami, Fl



What People are saying:

What does your story telling you?

Behind all these memories  ...  you will discover that you left clues behind each memory…. you left them for you to discover ...  As like in a time capsule waiting for you… Let's explore and find what clues you left in your story…..

“It is by going down into the abyss
that we recover the treasures of life.

Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.


The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of
what you are looking for.”


from “A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living.”

Your Amazing Life Story Program is a 6 Class Webinar series designed to be taken in a sequence. 


Each class is designed as stepping stone into achieving the life you desire. 


Each class gives you practical tools for you to use in your everyday life.  


Are you ready to ignite and empower those innate abilities stored within Your Amazing Life Story? 

Class 1

Journey to Inner Peace

Class 2

The Magic of Believing

Class 3

Let's Dance

Class 4

Love in Action

Class 5

Harmony Unveiled

Class 6

Let's Show the World

Powering Up Your Amazing Life Story 

Online Course