" Mercy your calming and loving energy gives me the opportunity to see the bigger pciture which allows me to feel peace, calm and open to the adventure.

R.G., Miami , FL

"I have no words to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for all that you did for me. Specially for your patience and your encouragement when I felt I was not going to be able to feel free again. You didn't only free me but you taught me how to believe in myself and take my inner power back. After months of being tormented by this entity and feeling I was never going to be free from it today I am free and feeling like a new person. My life is full of joy and happiness thanks to you. You have my eternally gratitude."

M.Vargas, Florida

“The Power of Your Amazing story open me to realize that the woman I wanted to BE since I was a little girl is the woman I AM today—this discovery was a profound and powerful shift within me—beyond words my heart overflows with gratitude for this class”.

Kylie, Hebert N.Y.

"At 84 years of age I suffer from arthritic low back pain, something I couldn't do anything about except take a pain killer everyday to be able to function. Before Mercy performed a God-consciousness healing on me I had been suffering from dizziness for 3 days in addition to my back pain. In those 3 minutes while Mercy performed a God-consciousness healing, I felt an unbelievable, deep inner peace. The day after the healing my dizziness was gone and I have not taken a pain killer for my back pain in over a month as I have no low back pain!".

Onelia Perez, Miami, FL, USA

"I just had surgery and my wound was not healing properly. The wound was lumpy and painful as it pulled my skin and muscles. I attended a God-consciousness healing event given by Mercy Martinez and the next day I woke up with a wound that was completely healed, no lumpiness or pulling. It was like magic. I am so grateful for such wonderful healing.".

Gloria, Miami, FL, USA

"Mercy thank you for sharing in such lovely manner your skills and talents. I felt as if I was chit-chatting with a dear friend and sister. "
                                                       F. Malcolm, Ontario, Canada

" Every time I attend any of Mercy's event I feel like a warm embrace of love that energetically opens me to receiving unexpected inner treasures within me." 
                                         Claudia Vargas, Ft. Lauderdale, FL





"This class sent me back through my life to explore events of which had been photographed and through the power of the mind those which had not been photographed. I received an appreciation for my life up to this point. It made me review all that has been and look forward to all that is yet to be.... And even though it was a busy time in my life I found myself thinking about my life path and how I got to where I am in the present. It gave me time to reflect and introspect--- For that I am grateful."

Patsy Sykes, Mississippi

"The Power of Your Amazing Story class assisted me in putting in order my life. I learn how to look at my memories and photographs of the past in a new prospective, seeing how they had influenced me in my life. It gave me great inner peace, relaxation, joy and an openness to engage with others--. "

Fred F., Tacoma, Washington

"Mercy's Akashic reading hit me straight in my heart with such profound truth I couldn't but open to the answers given with no doubts. It also open me to see my choices with such great clarity. Thank You Mercy for giving me the opportunity of experiencing such feeling of safety, warmth and the embrace of such pure love."

Rosa Navarro, Miami, FL

"I was feeling very disoriented and needed clarity as my doubts were overpowering my thoughts. I received a God-consciousness Healing and, in the space of 3 minutes, I experienced the following: I found myself in a temple. I was guided to the middle of it. Next, I felt these hands pulling me up. A huge bright light guided me all the way to a place where I felt GOD beside me, embracing me and giving me so much peace. It was indescribable. All I could do is feel His unconditional love and peace. After the healing, I just wanted to be in silence and stillness. I am so grateful that I was able to received such healing. Thank you, Mercy."

Aleida, Miami, FL, USA

" Mercy's innate ability to transform in-depth esoteric concepts into simple easy to understand concepts is amazing. Every time I attend her lectures or workshops I come out with greater wealth of knowledge."

                                                                                           M.Lopez, Miami, Fl

" Wow! Lei Aloha Workshop was such an eye opener specially  when in creating our Lei of Aloha, what a powerful workshop, I was able to shift energetically so many blocks that by the end of the workshop I felt light and happy. No words to express my gratitude just a simple Thank You for offering such powerful tools with such ease"


                                                       L. Johnson, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"I have work with different modalities of healing but never have I felt such deep peaceful and yet strong energy. Mercy's work is beyond words as the energy I experience was heavenly"

                              M. Alvarez, Miami, FL

"Mercy's before our session I had been crying everyday over my personal situation, of which, I felt overwhelming. After our session I have not cried at all and whne I feel melancholy or sad is just a second as something in me moves me to look towards other great things in my life and sowly I have been feeling the wound is healing and most importantly I feell so peaceful. No words to thank

you for the work you do! "

N.A., Miami, FL


"It was beyond amazing the transformation I was able to accomplished by just participating in your workshop. I came to the workshop thinking I was going to be able to learn another tool that I could use it in my journey of self discovery. What I was not expecting was to receive such powerful shift while doing the exercises. I have no words that can truly describe the profound and powerful shift I received. It was healing and at the same time moved me into a new level of awareness. Thank you Mercy for your embracing and stortytelling way for facilitating the workshop for it inspired me to go where I never thought I was capable of going. Today I am a different person and my life is all that I had desired to be”

E.H. , Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA

"Personalmente puedo decirles, la clase de Registros Akashicos, es la herramienta que me ha llevado a una mayor profundizacion de mi misma y abrir mucho mas a la energia divina en mi, y por supuesto es total mi gratitud a los Maestros y a las personas que a traves de ellos me entregaron este valioso regalo.  Gracias Mercedes Martinez y Kim Lopa, mi responsabilidad ahora, es poder cada vez expandir y servir no solo a mi misma sino a los demas.  Namaste."  

                                                    Rosa T. Navarro, Miami, FL