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Mercedes "Mercy" Martinez

Mercy Martinez has a Bachelor in Professional Management and a Master in Human Resources. She is a Speaker, a Mentor, a Life Coach, a Creative Business Consultant and Hypnotherapist that is dedicated in sharing and guiding individuals to empower themselves and achieve the life they so desire.


Mercy's innate ability to capture what she calls "seeing the fullness of the story" or "perceiving the behind the scenes the unspoken patterns" brought her to designed a unique process she calls "Empower Your Amazing Life Story". This process emerged from integrating her knowledge and life experiences into what her clients describe as a safe, warm, comfortable and inviting conversational session that makes them feel as they are talking to someone that genuinely cares for their well being. Empower Your Amazing Life Story gives the individual an opportunity to heal, mend, embrace and integrate all their life experiences in such a manner that brings a feeling of wholeness and a knowing the power that is stored within their own life story.

If you are looking for a proven professional, who can guide you to release your self-imposed limitations and be able to express your truth without fear or doubts, you’ve come to the right place. With over 20 years of experience working with amazing clients, Mercy has created a proven and unique approach to mentoring.  


Mercy's mission is to show the power of each person's own amazing life story. This unique approach of guiding the clients to explore their own life story, while teaching them to uncover the buried treasures stored within their own amazing life story bring the client into embracing and empowering their unique and amazing life! 


Her path in becoming a mentor and teacher through storytelling came to her at a very young age. Since she can remember her parents loved to gather with family and friends to share stories, and in doing so, they taught her the power of the story. Storytelling is a powerful tool used through the ages to convey the history of humanity. Storytelling invites people to share in such manner that it opens us to connect and assist each other beyond our imagination.

Mercy Martinez has a Private Practice in Miami, Florida and Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

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