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Mercy Martinez
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Breathe ...  Inhale ... Exhale... 
Relax... Reset... Recharge!

Reimagined the possibilities...

Clean Modern Desk

Executive, Leadership, Career and Life Coaching

Empowering you to take the best of who you are and use it to fuel the life

you’ve always wanted to live.

Together, we will embark on a journey of discovery to...


  • Design a life of your choosing.

  • Live up to your fullest potential.

  • Experience more joy and fulfillment in your daily life.

  • Bridge the gap between where you are to where you are going.

  • Ignite your innate talents, abilities and skills

  • Empowering you to create a balance, healthier and happier life.

Balance life by embracing your weakness and celebrating your strengths...


Holistic, Life, Career and Executive Coaching 

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Facilitator of Professional

Workshops that inspires and motivates the participants to achieve their highest potential in their professional careers or their personal lives.

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Casual Business Meeting

Conversation stirs creativity

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Defining Success by

Welcoming Failures

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Discovering the treasures found within each experienced live and ignite the wonder within!

Creating cohesiveness from diversity

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Igniting the Team 

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Creating events that celebrates life!

Gratitude for what it is...for what is to be...

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"You either work from inside your story and own it

or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness."

                                               Brené Brown


Mercy, you assisted me in putting my life in order and with a deeper understanding of my life's experiences. Your exercise taught me how to heal and make peace with my past.  Now, as I look at my memories with a new perspective, one that has given me a precious treasure, realizing how the past helped me heal the present. I can say I live life with a feeling of greater inner peace, relaxation, joy and an openness to engage with others—.”

Fred F. Tacoma, Washington

Mercy, you opened for me a path I hadn't explored, the path of seeing the many treasures I had stored within my own life experiences. Today your technique helps me balance my life and keeps be alert on achieving my life's purpose."

Rosa T. Navarro, Miami, FL

When I find myself struggling with something and am unsure what is or the next step, I call Mercy Martinez. Mercy has coached me numerous times over the past five years and each encounter has left me with a clearer understanding and a plan for moving forward. Her questions help to reveal aspects that I haven’t considered and her comments often lead me to a broader perspective. Mercy is an insightful, caring, supportive coach and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in discovering patterns in their life and moving toward growth in a more conscious manner.

Eileen-- Executive Coach

My coaching experience with Mercy Martinez was beyond amazing. With her guidance in a short time, I was able to figure things out and move on to a better place in my life! I highly recommend her as a Coach.

Madelyn Hoyos Edwards

Mercy, thank you for your warmth and amazing way to put me at ease. Your session helped me embrace my past and my present in ways that has ignited me to create a more balanced lifestyle. What surprised me the most is your session feels  like a warm, safe and friendly conversation like what one has with a close friend yet with such powerful and impactful suggestions that opened my heart and my mind to a new way of living life. I truly am so grateful for you skills and talents."

S.F. Financial Consultant

Miami, FL

Empowering Your Amazing Life Story Coaching helped me open to new perspectives that gave me the opportunity to transformed and healed my relationship with my mother. You gave me the space where I felt safe and could trust myself to  explore my past wounds. I have no words to express my gratitude for your Coaching, as it turns out my mother passed away suddenly few weeks after we had been able to healed our relationship. 

Consuelo -- Accountant,

Miami, FL

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