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Looking for a dynamic motivational speaker?

Mercy Martinez brings to any event the  perfect formula that provides audiences with a feeling of ease, openess and renewal.


Mercy's innate ability and love for storytelling creates for a dynamic and unique approach to motivational speaking. 


She believes that when an individual is given the proper resources to look into their own life story, they find the most profound life changing experience that unleashes their true inner power. 


Mercy has spoken to different groups from small to large audiences, from business groups to professional associations to spiritual groups.


She loves to engage the audience into looking to their own amazing life story giving them the key to liberating their perceived limiting beliefs into a wide open horizon full of opportunities to explore, feel and reach beyond their wildest dreams.


Her passion for storytelling has driven her to design and create workshops like Celebrating Life, Ignite The Spark Within and in-depth transformative program like Powering Up Your Amazing Life Story. This program can be structure in many different formats; from 4 hours mini-workshops to the full 40 hour retreat/program.



  • Obtain Your Goal, Inc.

  • Dade County Pharmacist Association

  • The Lily and Beyond Organization

  • Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightment

  • City of Adventura Commnity Center

  • Inner Light Church


TV Appearances:

  • CTN, Lifestyle, Manila Philippines





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