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Mercy Martinez
Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Mentor, Creative Business Consultant, Akashic Records Instructor and Consultant. Private Practice in Miami, FL and Virginia Beach, VA 
What people are saying:

Wow! is what I felt after our Career Creative session. You have such a natural intuitive sense that totally helped me uncovered my inner treasures with such ease. Your uncovered and authentic opened me to feel safe in a way I had not felt in a very long way. Truly a session I would recommend to anyone that is looking to define their purpose. Although I came for assistance in my business I left also knowing more about myself and empowered!

                                          M. F. Miami, FL

Mercy, I do have to tell you I never expected that I was going to discover such deep awareness about my life in just one session. You truly have such a unique talent to guide people to see what is buried within them and yet feel as natural as if talking a good friend. Thank you and yes I would recommend you to anyone looking for greater insight into their life and purpose.

                                        Sara Perez, Ft. Lauderdale

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