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Coming out from our Spiritual Closet--How can we break away and freely stand in our own truth?

In a society looking for instant gratification, this proverb sounds impossible to achieve… in a society that is looking at planting trees that can be genetically engineered so we can enjoy the shade as quickly as we plant the tree giving us feeling accomplishment and the ablility to say– “Here I can enjoy the results of my labor”

Can we think beyond our immediate present? Can we create and act for that of which we will not be able to see or enjoy? For that which is unknown to us? Can we feel a sense of accomplishment even though we don’t see the results?

At the core of our being is the desire to “Do” better – the desire to “Be” of great purpose and yet we struggle every day with our decisions and actions. How can we cut through the maze of distraction so we can feel we are experiencing each day with great purpose? What understanding of the word "success" or the word "accomplish" do we store in our belief system? Do we define ourselves by what others think of us? Do we choose to do what others esteem is right? If so, how can we break away and freely stand in our own truth?

I nicked named this break away "Coming out of the Spiritual Closet". What can we do that give us the courage to stand up and say what is truly in our hearts? What does it take to know how to stand in our hearts, speak our truth with compassion and severity? What makes us plant a tree knowing we will not sit under the shade of the tree?

In my own journey, I found out that courage was one of the keys to break away but it is not just the only key to free us of that enslaving prison we have created for ourselves-- the one that makes us hide in our own spiritual closet and only do or say what we think others would approve off.

We have slowly added layers after layers of false beliefs or false truths... in such manner that we don't even know who we are or what we stand for-- we literally did not only hide away our spiritual beliefs in fear of what others may think of us but we blocked the road to it so we can make sure no one would know...and in doing so lost our way to our own truth.

The hope, of course, is that we start the journey of self discovery in a way that encourages us to strip away all the man-made layers of falsehood and softly embrace our own truth---the one truth that is right in the center of our hearts. What is in the center of your heart? Can you hear it? Can you feel it? What could make you open your own "Spiritual Closet" ---that place deep inside of your heart and let others see the beauty of your being?

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