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What makes us desire a fast, speedy recovery? What makes us look for quick remedies? Somehow we love to resolve complex problems by wishing there is a simple solution, and it's in this desire, I find myself always getting entangled with the wrong solution.

It has taken me a long journey to realize my instinct of looking for quick solutions regardless if the problem was not simple.

For many years I advocated for simple solutions and to avoid the word suffering at all cost. I truly believed that pain was terrible, and looking for a fast path to no pain was the best way to handle painful situations.

What I didn't realize at that time that in my narrow focused quest for painless remedies, I was putting a small bandaid over the pain instead of truly healing or resolving the root of the problem.

Because I was oversimplifying the problem to get to a faster conclusion what occurred was that ended facing the pain over and over again. I started to believe I was in a vicious cycle where I was not going to be able to break from, no matter how many times I came up with a solution to my pain.

Well, wisdom eventually kicked me with what it felt like a four by four wood post hitting me in the head. All of a sudden my eyes and my heart started to open to the unseen, to what was in front of me for a long time but I refused to see it because it was not speedy, nor quick nor painless.

Yes, in my quest for quick, speedy, fast, and painless solutions, I blinded myself to the real solutions that would have broken the cycle of repeating and experiencing pain over and over again.

Now wiser I know when problems come to me, my first instinct is to stay calm and give it the adequate space for me to be comfortable with the uncomfortable sensation of having to deal with the problem. It is in knowing deep within me that for every problem, there are various solutions, and I can choose how and when to solve the problem.

After a long journey, I discovered quick, speedy, fast are excellent and useful depending on what is the root of the problem I am facing and that I have the power within me to choose which solution will work best for me!


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