When 13 mirrors are facing you; there is no place to hide or run...

Mirror! Mirror! on the Wall .....

What occurs when you have in front of you 13 mirrors for a total of 4-weeks? You can deny seeing all the imperfection within you or you can embrace the imperfections within you. Facing 13 mirrors for a total of 4-weeks taught me some fascinating eye-opening insights!

So recently I facilitated a group of 13 participants on a project we called Oneness Restoration. The 13 participants were divided into 3 groups. Each group would work as a team with certain guidelines. My job was to just witness and observe their progress thru the 4-week time period.

It is said that people that trigger us are just mirroring back to us our unconscious beliefs or behaviors or patterns. Well, I had 13 participants working on a project on inner work, so imagine 13 mirrors facing me at once for a 4-week period! At first, I thought my ride was going to be tough but I knew I was capable of traversing such rough seas. I also loved the challenges of such opportunities can bring me because I have learned from past experiences that each challenge I face provides me with priceless treasures of wisdom.

As expected, the first week as I was observing the groups interaction I could feel my desires to jump in and direct the groups. Although it was not easy at first to refrain myself totally so I would interject by giving some hints... then one day as I was meditating for guidance on how best to facilitate this project, I was shown such impactful and awakening Aha! moment. I started to see as like a movie was playing in front of me... I was seeing all the ways I had acted in the past when working in a group setting. As I observed the 13 participants I could see in each of them a piece of me, in other words, I was seeing all the times in the past I had acted just like all of the 13 participants. WOW!!

All of the sudden I realized my role as facilitator was more than just witnessing or observing. I was also an active participant, seeing myself through 13 mirrors facing me with nowhere to hide... all my thoughts, all my inner weakness, and all my struggles were being played in front of my own eyes through the 13 participants.

I took on the project thinking I would be assisting 13 people to understand the journey of Oneness Restoration and instead what I really got was the most precious gift... Knowing Myself to be One with God. I remembered studying the Edgar Cayce material the importance of knowing oneself, to know our purpose as a soul is to "Know Thyself to be One with God" and although I had study his readings for many years, this experience brought forth a deeper knowledge of this statement and it not only liberated me from my own self-made limiting belief patterns but it open my consciousness as if a horizon had expanded beyond my seeing eyes!

Let me say you don't have to facilitate a group to have the opportunity to experience the awakening that can occur when you are consciously looking at the mirror facing you. Life is always giving us opportunities to face mirrors such as with each exchange we have with another individual. If you are open to experience such powerful and profound inner awakening just be conscious of seeing your family or your co-workers or any relationship you may be having issues with as if you are facing a mirror. You can ask yourself; "What about this person I have not seen in me?" or "What about the action or situation about this person is stirring me to be upset or uncomfortable?" After you have a clear picture of the emotion or feeling or action (i.e. a feeling of being controlled, a feeling of condescending attitude, a feeling of being judged, etc) then ask yourself; "When have I been done the same?". It may surprise you to you discover hidden and unconscious moments where you have done the same or similar to someone else.

I discovered such a priceless gem from the 4-weeks of facing the 13 mirrors... the most impactful one was that they were really reflecting me SELF LOVE! By observing the participants experiencing their ups and downs... each of them had shown me how to Love Myself! WOW!!! What a precious gift! So grateful for the generosity of these participants in allowing me to be witness to their struggles and victories... while embracing me and showing me how to LOVE Myself. In the end, I discovered they were leading and guiding me vs me guiding them!

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