Subtle Ways We Give Our Power Away...

It is impressive when you stop to review how subtle we give power away! We can start by looking within us to see how much we relay on the external world for validation. How many times we look to the outside for guidance and how many times we look at others as having the key to what we are searching for!

It is normal for us to go outside of us and search of information and guidance but is when we get hooked to the idea that others have it and we don't have it that we start giving away our power.

I used to think everyone out there had more knowledge than me; they had more success than me, they were more intelligent than me...I had converted my internal world into a desert... one longing for substance and water.

Don't get me wrong there is plenty out there that does gives us great insight on how to create a more fulfilling life for ourselves. There is a great value obtained from reading and learning from others. It is when we believe only what is out there and we don't take the time to see what we have absorbed from our interaction with the outside world that we give our power away.

For example, I continuously would say to myself "I am not a writer" or "There are so many out there already doing similar work " or "I must create in a unique way" or "My service must be unique"...

So how do we balance the internal and external worlds in such a manner that they become partners in the journey of self-awareness, self-growth, and self-development? How do we grow in width as in height? I do believe we start by being honest with ourselves and committing to observe our thoughts and actions. They tend to tell us more than we are aware of!

How can I be truthful to my inner core, that awareness of knowing my value and wisdom while searching outside of me to increment and expand? I believe the key is, to be honest about our inner conversations with self and allowing to be okay with the fact that we don't have the keys to the Universe... by permitting ourselves to be explorers and adventurers in search of discovering what we can learn from each moment in our life. By being aware of what makes us tick, what makes us so passionate or what makes us emotional or what makes us learn... in other words learning what makes us who we are!


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