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6 Steps towards Inner Peace, Love and Prosperity

Taking the first step makes the journey unfold... it is what I have always been told but when we are in the thick of chaos, pain, and sorrow that first step feels like a big giant jump into the abyss.

My journey, unbeknown to me, started the moment I was admiring the peace my cousin always showed even in the worst moments of her life. I knew she had a strong belief and faith in God but I also had that same strong awareness of my faith in God yet I didn't seem to be at the same level of her peacefulness.

I remember that I said to myself "That is what I want to achieve, an inner peace that allows me to be at peace even in chaos". This statement became my inner guidance even when I was not conscious of it yet as I review these past 17+ years of my life I can see it has been my guiding light. How can I live in peace in the midst of chaos?

You may wonder shouldn't it be desiring to live in a peaceful world? Why would I want to live in peace in the midst of chaos? Well yes, I would love and desire to live in a peaceful world but to achieve such outcome it must start within us. How can we achieve World Peace if I can't achieve peace within me? If I am constantly looking at the outside world as it is what needs to be changed but yet I am not willing to see the changes I need to make in me so we can all achieve World Peace.

The journey does start with taking the first step to truly know who we are and what we stand for before we can ask others to join our desire for World Peace. I started this journey of learning and exploring more than 17 years ago and found a path that I love to share with others. It is for sure not the only path to Inner Peace but it is one that I have the experience to be successful in uncovering my inner hidden treasures stored within my own life story.

I discovered that when I uncovered and unleashed my hidden treasures stored within my own life story, I experienced the most spectacular transformation, like a child discovering the most precious playground ever created or like watching dormant flower seed explode into this beautiful blossom of the most vibrant flower. This is what Powering Up Your Amazing Life Story did for me and it is what can do for anyone that is ready to journey within and unleash their own innate skills, talents, and gifts.

I invite you to look at your own Amazing Life Story and discover the priceless treasures stored within your own life story. You can start by reviewing your experiences and memories and making a list of what thoughts popped up for you. You may all of the sudden look at some past memories or old photographs and realized you have new insights or maybe as you review the experience of that memory you feel a shift within you and the memory of the event may not be as painful or even feel as there is no more pain.

You can open to the Divinity within you by exploring your Feminine side and Masculine side as shown by the wonderful work of Carl Jung. Learn how to heal, mend and restored to Oneness the Divinity within you and embrace with complete unconditional love your Inner Child. The journey is simple yet as you embark on it, it will open your life to some amazing transformation taking you to a life of Inner Peace!

Here are the 6 Steps to Inner Peace:

  1. Opening the memories and honoring all of the experiences received

  2. Discovering the power of Your Divine Feminine and Masculine within

  3. Unleashing the power of "Love in Action" by learning the deeper meaning of Forgiveness

  4. Letting the "Magic of Believing" liberate your Inner Child

  5. Empowering your innate talents and skills by unifying within and restoring into Oneness

  6. Showing the world the Amazing Life Story that you truly are and living a life of Inner Peace

For more on Powering Up Your Amazing Life Story check out

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