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The force behind Gratitude

Have you noticed what occurs inside of you when you feel thankful or grateful? Have you noticed what occurs when you see the word GRATITUDE?

It may just be a few seconds or a few minutes but there is a moment when time stops, memories flashes through the mind and a feeling of being loved, appreciated, joyful or even fulfilled is experienced. It may take some practice of observing own self before we can see this transformation within us but it is certain that their is a shift within us when we stop to be thankful or grateful.

There is a force behind this word GRATITUDE that is invisible yet substantial enough to be felt by our mind and body. If you notice it is a word we see or hear almost everyday through social media. We share with each other a messages of Gratitude continuously and in doing so, it give us a feeling of thankfulness, that at times feel as if is the perfect message that comes just at the right time and we even smile with a feeling of joy.

What is that force behind this word GRATITUDE that is able to bring us to stop and remember what we have had, what we have and what we could have? It is almost like a quick restart or reboot to our thought process within us that can shift us from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stress-out and/or discouraged into feeling like as we have taken a breath of fresh air... one that clears our minds and our thoughts ... giving us a shift towards possibilities of what is possible!

So what can we do to incorporate this force behind the word GRATITUDE into our lives, in such a manner, that it becomes natural for us to be and feel grateful for everything in our lives? How can we shift from being thankful for only the good things to being thankful for everything? How can we embrace all (the good and the bad) in our lives?

Being grateful is transformative and yet we choose to use it sparingly or when we are reminded of it or when we are grasping for solutions. I invite you to experiment by choosing to be Grateful everyday for everything no matter how stressful the day may be and doing this for 30 days or more. As you do this experiment observe what occurs inside of you every time you stop to be grateful and write it down in a journal. At the end of the experiment review your journal and see if there has been any change that you have not been aware of; does your day feel more manageable? Do you feel there is less stress?

When I did this experiment, I noticed in the first days, I had to be be very conscious of my purpose so I wouldn't go to my old patterns. After few weeks, I started to notice that I felt a calmness when I was challenged by stress. I experienced less and less panic or anxiety moments when I would get overwhelmed with events in my life I had no control off. The more I worked with Gratitude the more I understood all the people in my life that had come to my life as teachers, those people that were, are and will be in my life giving the opportunities to learn and grow with a heart overflowing with Gratitude!

BEING in GRATITUDE is a choose.... I hope you are inspire to choose it!

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