Oops...just wanted what was best for you

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OOPs… "I just wanted what was best for you"

Ah... famous words “I just wanted what was best for you”…. And in doing so crossed your boundaries and forgot you had free will….oops!

I have to confess that I have done this myself and gotten into trouble many times in the past, always feeling it was my right to help someone else – forgetting the person’s free will. It did take some time and several major blunders before I started to listen to a wise teacher and friend that would stop me in my tracks as soon as she saw me doing such act. Today I am beyond grateful for her and others who came into my life and showed me how to respect and honor someone’s free will so I could also enjoy others respecting and honoring my free will.

What makes us think we have the right to interfere? What makes us go blind to the fact that we all have free will? Who made us in-charge of the world? How can we expect others to respect our choices when we don’t respect theirs?

I remembered the first time I was awaken to the fact I was crossing someone’s boundaries, I responded back with “I am so sorry I thought I was helping you”. At the time, I was studying the ancient philosophy of the Hawaiian Kahunas, and my teacher showed me how we create false excuses disguised as feign innocence to trample though someone’s free will while letting our ego and personality feel like a super hero. This information hit me right in the middle of my heart and I started to see how much destruction we can create when we over-step each other boundaries and free will.

In today's society, we are exposed to seeing this overstepping or violation of free will occurring all over the world in all types of arenas – to such extend that our society looks at this as normal behavior. My father once told me the hardest thing of living in a democratic society is to understand we all have a voice of which is free to say what it thinks, it feels and it beliefs regardless if is in sync with the majority.

It is not about sitting back and letting destruction occur but it is to know when is proper to act and act in a way that respect’s people free will and yours. So lets look within us … Do you like to be asked why you are doing something? or why you think the way you do? Do you like to tell others what they should do or think?

It is amazing for me to see, in a society that considers itself evolving, to still be hooked in manipulating each other and feeling proud of such acts of slavery. Yes, it is slavery if you are taking away someone's free will... So I invite you to examine your judgements, your reasons for getting involved.... just ask yourself : "Am I taking away his/her free will? Am I honoring their ideas and actions even if they are different than mine? What harm is being done that I need to take away someone else's free will?

Between our news media and social media we are slowing moving closer and closer into having a soceity of sensorship, a society in which diversity can't be expressed and where the word "democracy" is redefine to "you are free to express your voice if it agrees with mine".

We are still free to make our own choices so lets create a life where "Ooops I overstepped ... " becomes non-existant because we are honoring each other with the greates gift God gave his children "Free Will"....

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