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We want world peace but yet...

What makes us have to compare one against another? What makes us want to grade the levels of courage? or valor? or fairness? or worthiness?

We want world peace and yet we are constantly defending our point of view as it is the only way or the only truth. I wonder how can we say we are all children of God and at the same time say but I am better than you? How can we create world peace from this diversity that God has created?

This past several weeks we have seen the conversation of Transgender come center stage and although we can see the progress we have done in society--such as; being open minded and allowing the converstaion to be and addressing it from a place of respect -- yet at the same time it shows us how far we still are from reaching a society that can respect differences without going into attacking that difference.

You may wonder what does the subject of Transgender have to do with world peace? For me it gives us a glimpse at the separations we have in the many layers of our society. If we can't respect each other to have a different views of life or different views of religion or different views of politics, etc. how can we ever reach a place of peace?

My father experienced ugliness in his beloved country as Fidel Castro came into power, turning its citzens against each other thru the power of separation of class. It is thru this weakness that the so call "dark forces" work knowing we compare each other and looking to magnify the differences so those that those feeling lesser start resenting those that have more and unfortunately it works and continues to work up to this day. As we went through 2 cycles of elections in this country we have seen how we have been motivated to see everything in the political arena as 2 sided and a health discussion of diverse opinoins disappered and what gave way to is a discussion of who is better or who is wrong?

In the religion arena we see at certain levels the opportunity to come together and work within our own diversity and yet at other levels we still see the division of my religion is better than yours attitude that keeps the line between each other as enemy lines.

I am asked at times but how can we embrace someone else's point of view or beliefs? It is not so much embracing but giving someone else the space to have their beliefs as I have my space to do so myself with my own beliefs. A simple respect for each other would start the process and yes it is not an easy journey but we can't give up.....

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