The Voices in Our Head... we want to hear them but do we want to listen to them?

So many of my clients ask me "How can I be more open to my own intuition? or "How can I know for certain what action to take? or "How can I trust my inner guidance?" Most of us are in a quest searching for that moment when we can see clearly what action to take or what choices to make with a sense of confidence and conviction. We long for an inner "know-how" that allows us not to doubt.

Just as if the univese was confabulating with me -- a movie comes out that helps me explain the work I do with my clients in private session setting or/and in a workshops/retreats format. The movie "Inside Out" from Disney Pixar studios have so many great messages within its context that is one of those movies you want to share with everyone. This movie allows children and adults to understand that it is okay to have voices in our head and that at times those inner voices will not get along but if we can open our minds to understand and appreciate the function/job each voice has we can achieve greater outcomes.

We are constantly in a environment that requires faster and faster responses from us giving us less time to access and evaluate before executing. In a world were we are in a fast track of continual motion-- where action is required instantly, how can we trust our decisions? Can we safely say we know our values and truth in such a manner that we can quickly make decisions and feel confident or are we doubting if we did the right decision?

To be able to stand in our inner core and know our truth we first have to know our voices inside of us and trust them that they can guide us to the best decision or best outcome. So how do we start the process? Lets start first by not denying, negating or erasing memories or voices that we may not like or we may fear instead lets open to the exploration of what are they serving us? What secrets are they hiding that can become my greatest hidden treasures?

In The Power of Your Amazing Life Story, I guide participants to explore their memories -- to go back in time by looking through albums of pictures of their life. If you able to go back and look for a picture of you at the age of 2-6 years old and ask the picture what can you tell me about me? What would the picture tell you? I find most response people get are surprising to them for they had not seen that aspect of them or hadn't thought of themselves in that light.

It is when we are able to embrace the good and the bad that we can see a bigger picture of ourselves. Some of the responses I get from those participating in The Power of Your Amaing Story program is "Oh my, the person I wanted to become is the person that I am now!" or "Oh my, I had not seen that part of me but seeing it now makes my past experiences take a different light which makes me understand my present and frees me to create my new future" or "Wow this allowed me to release and feel such freedom, I don't need to run away from my bad experiences anymore!"

I would invite you to watch the movie "Inside Out" and observe how memories that "Joy" had been safe guarding so much turns into memories that were not as complete as she thought -- and it takes chaos to make her see that her way was not the best way as she realizes she only had a partial memory or had stored the memory from her point view only and was not seeing the whole picture. So open yourself to the exploration of those wonderful voices inside your head and see what information they have for you that you had not wanted to listen to and what can you learn from those voices.

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