Your Inner Swedish Army Pocket Knife... Where are you in the expansion of your inner Swedish Army Po

We all come with inner resources and tools into this life. As we encounter the different catalysts in our life we learn to discern and work with our in-built inner resources--- just like if was had a pocket army knife and you just select the tool from this pocket knife that is best suited for what you need to do--

At times life gives us opportunities that can be handle with a simple Swedish army pocket knife. But other times it challenges us to expand and discover within ourselves more tools than we ever thought we had and thus we grow as human beings and evolve as souls.

And then there are those times where the challenges are so great that it forces us to expand to levels we never thought we could possible obtain or be--- those are the moments that our soul growth expands to such capacities that our humaneness has no other choices but to expand and own to the reality of our Divinity -- the wholeness of our soul-- as one with God.

What type of army knife is in-stored within you? Can you recall the different challenges in your life? Can you see how you expanded within to meet the challenges? Do you recall how you uncover tools you didn't know you had within you?

So when life is challenging you think of your inner Swedish Army Pocket Knife..... and be inspired to dig deeper .... you will be surprised to see the many tools you really have within YOU

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