Looking for the KEY?

Looking for the Key? Aren't we all??! Looking for that key that can solve all of our problems, our financial dilemmas, our pain and suffering, etc....

It is an inner urge to look outside of us for all of our answers. The urge to look for someone out there ... for that person or thing...for they must have the magic key that can make our life better.

It is fascinating this illogical urge, if you can stop to think for a moment what makes us believe someone that doesn't know us can give us the magic formula? Why are we eager to give away our own knowledge and power? What made us think we don't have the answers or the solutions? Was it when we were growing up? Where we influence by external situations or actions that made us record that all the answers or solutions are outside of us?

The reality of the urge of looking outside of us for a solution is because we are not taught see our own power nor taught how to work with our inner resources in a way that creates solutions. So when we go within us to look for the solutions we usually get lost and feel more frustrated or anguished. But given the right guidance and insights we discover this buried treasure chest within us!

So knowing that the best person to solve our own dilemmas is ourselves lets see how we can take back our power and honor the knowledge and wisdom we store within us!

How can we change our pattern of looking for someone outside of us and instead uncover our own hidden treasures? Here is an exercise that could help you start the exploring of your own greatness:

Take a moment and create a space for yourself where you will not be disturb for 30 minutes. This space can me any place where you can be alone for this period of time.

If you are someone that meditates just do the routine you use to center yourself. If you are not someone that meditate or have no specific routine or process to quiet down your mind follow these simple steps:

  • Sit in a comfortable position (preferable sitting up)

  • Close your eyes and take 3 deep breath

  • Now take another 3 deep breath where you Inhale deeply allowing the abdomen to expand then slowly Exhale allowing the air out and pressing inward the abdomen until there is no more air.

If you are still stressed or not feeling some relaxing sensation repeat the 3 deep breath until you can feel some relaxing sensation. (You don't have to have a total quieting of the mind)

Now just ask yourself:

  • "If someone would tell me the dilemma or problem I am trying to solve, what would I advice her or him?" (Without judging your thoughts or ideas just make a mental note)

  • "What are things you have not seen that can bring you benefits out of this situation or dilemma?" (Again don't judge your thoughts just make a mental note)

Now open your eyes and jot down your insights or the thoughts you got when you asked the questions. After you write down all your insight go back to that sitting position.

Take again 3 deep breaths and as you close your eyes sense how are you feeling? Are you still stressed out? Do you still feel you have no answers to your dilemma or situation? Do you notice a clearer mind and less anxiety? If so, now is the time to go and start looking for the options or opportunity that you had not explored before that can open the doors and give you the best solution to your situation or dilemma. If you have not felt any relief, you may need to do this exercise several times before your overwhelm mind can quiet enough to allow you to see the solutions that you store within YOU.

The KEY is within us and if we get lost finding it there is always the outside world to guide us… We can always look for someone that can guide us or can give us insights as long as we don’t give away our own power to the external resource. Be adventurous …. Explore …Be open minded for the insights can come from many sources…Let this treasure hunt bring us to the greatest gift we can obtain which discovering that magical KEY!

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