The Middle Way or Bust....

We are constantly being encouraged and motivated to be in the "middle" to be "balance" but what does that really means?

How can one stay consistently in the middle without being pushed to one side or another? How can you experience all that life has to offer without swinging from one side to the other?

When they say be in the "Middle" or be "Balance" does that mean I am to be rigid and not move at all? What can I do when stresses at work or with family pushes me to one side or another? How can I maintain the so called "Middle" ?

For sure you will hear, read and be shown many techniques to conquer the mind and your emotions so that you can always strive to be in the "Middle" but does that really give you the fullness of experiencing life in all its highs and lows? Can that invite you to create blinders? or blindspots?

In my Journey to Oneness, I discovered that to be the "Middle Path" it was not just focusing on standing in the Middle of the Pendulum Swing for that is hard work-- keeping the pressure from the swinging pendulum (outside environment forces) constantly pushing you and you holding the tension for the whole pendulum.

The journey to be "the Middle Path" for me was just to open myself to be the full circumference of the whole pendulum swing--- you see the extremes don't push my swing instead I choose to move the pendulum and thus I control the direction of the swing. Moving from one end to another is not caused by outside forces but because of my own decision on how to use the Middle Path....

Lets see this picture below:

Today's world affairs you can see the continuous Pendulum swing and the swing is really going wild!!! The conversation is being shown as a two sided conversation They vs Us, this doesn't mean that we are then to go into that field of "They vs Us" and make them behave or agree. It is when we think we have the solution to all the problems as if we are the only ones that can fix the problem that any Extreme side left or right goes off course.

I wonder if the template or pattern of the "Conqueror" at the Universal Consciousness can be healed, mended, reconciled and unify so it can be welcome as part the Oneness. The pattern that one side is better than the other brings us to see the world with blinders. In politics we see the ridge between the different Political Parties as if only one Party as the answers or are the saviors. When we take sides in separation we create a pattern of marginalizing the other side.

You can think in your life how many times you stood in what you believe was the only way to do something and how you treated and felt about the person trying to do it in a different way. If you observe your thoughts and reactions for just one day you will be amazed how our inner Pendulum sings continuously-- and then we wonder why we have so much stress!

The solution is not as simple as just commanding oneself to embrace the wholeness of the entire Pendulum swing, it is not by skipping steps in a process of understanding the complexity of our being but instead by taking the first step and creating away of seeing the world for what it is and not for what we wish it should be.

Just because you reach the top of the mountain can you see all.... Be aware of asking self the questions that challenges you, that makes you realize you don't have all the answers....Never stop inquiring!

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