Love and Newborn Babies...Magical!

Just seeing a newborn baby brings so much love into our hearts... such power in such tiny container!

Why is it that seeing a newborn can shifts us from being upset, angry or stressed into hope, joy and love? Could it be the innocence of a newborn baby that brings forth the remembrance of what is possible if we would be able to reset our timeline?

There is something about the innocence of a newborn baby that is so special..even their tiny bodies smell so cuddling, soft and huggable. It's incredible how such tiny creatures can elicit the very best of us!

How can we capture this tenderness, this innocence, this sense of new and apply it to our lives? Could we learn from these tiny creatures how to shift from stress to peacefulness? Could we learn to let go of those things our ego has invested on and open ourselves to re-calculate and start anew?

I believe the common denominator of shifting our emotions within us when we see a newborn baby is something that is natural and is available for us to utilize if only we would understand how to use it instead of ignoring it.

Let's pretend that we have been given a new start right now! Let's pretend that all that we have invested on was wiped away and we have an open and clean canvass to start all over, what would we do? Would we be ready to let go of all that was taken away or wiped out? Would we be ready to let go of any emotions of victimhood, hate, anger, revenge or stress? Would we be ready to let go of any feeling of not being worthy? Would we embrace the blank canvass with anxiety or with joy? Would we open our hearts to a new creation? Would we be able to just start creating a new lifestyle?

The feeling of being a newborn it is not only reserve for newborn babies but is available to all of us! It is our own limiting beliefs that we can't start anew or that we can't let go of what we have at the present moment that stops us from feeling as a newborn baby. So if we could pretend we are a newborn baby what choices would we want to make? What lifestyle would we want to create? What values are more important to keep and what are ready to let go?

Each and every day we have an opportunity to create anew and each and every night we have an opportunity to let go of all that we have created. It may seem insane, especially as we have been conditioned to hold on to knowledge instead of just BEING but I invite you to try it out. Take this as an adventure of self-discovery.

Starting right now! Make each morning a truly new day and be conscious of what you can create anew today. Then at night just before going to sleep review your day and let go of all of it! Imagine you just let it go like letting go of a balloon on a windy day.... knowing that it will fly very high and go a long way.

Let the adventure big! Let the feeling of a newborn baby guide you ...

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