Small Acts do count...

Small Acts Do Count…

Have you been at the receiving end of a small act? If so, did you feel it was insignificant? Or did you feel as if it was a great act? Why do we think only the big act counts? What makes us not acknowledge the power behind small acts?

I have been at the receiving end of small acts and I know how powerful they are and yet it has taken me some time to see them as powerful as they truly are—it is like if small acts don’t count unless they are big.

Many years ago, I started to notice that there were many instances where I was told by friends, that my phone call to them was exactly what they needed and they even wonder how I knew when to call them…. So I started to be more aware of my random small acts and realize it was more of an instinct that a conscious decision. Most of my random small acts where the spur of the moment acts, yet I would receive amazing feedback of how the receiver of the small act had felt and it was always greater than what I thought it would be….

So I went into the exploration of what is behind a small act and that makes it so powerful. It is fascinating for me to look behind the scenes, for it is as if you are looking behind the scenes of the making of movie magic—because small acts are usually random and unconsciously done – we can say they travel under the radar. What I mean by “under the radar”, they are not looked upon as trophies or great accomplishment thus not exposed to great scrutiny and giving these small acts the freedom to hit with greater accuracy.

I also found that small acts are the greatest unsung heroes of our own personal inner journey. The journey into knowing ourselves and freeing us from limitations and unwanted beliefs or behaviors. It is with small acts that we start unfolding the greatness of our inner soul and allowing others to see its beautiful light.

I was once told to think of it like this “if you are a giant and you move abruptly it creates chaos all around you but if you are a giant and can make small steps, those steps are felt as giant leaps of powerful transformational force behind each step”

So I invite you to review your life and see how many of these small acts became a powerful and an unimaginable moment of great transformation for you? How can you be more conscious of your own small acts? Examine what can you do daily that makes you aware of the power of small acts? and how can small acts free you from your own limitations?

Remember it is not just small acts of kindness but any small act that allowed you to be who you truly are, where your true self can speak freely with no fear, where you can finally feel you are worthy and life is full of opportunities! #smallactsdocount

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