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5 Tips to Boost Your Wholeness Living

The best approach to our well being is "WHOLENESS" but what is Wholeness and why is the best approach?

In understanding our well being, we will discover we are more than just mind or physical body but that deep within us we also have a spirit. Some may call it the soul of the individual and others may call it the spirit of the individual. What has been studied and validated today is that to obtain a state of Well Being the best approach is address all Spirit, Mind and Body.


#1 Discover the Power of your BREATH.

It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that when we take a few moments to take do Breath exercises our brains automatically starts to slow down. The brain scans taken from someone active vs someone just taking deep breath or meditating has shown in pictures how powerful this truly is, so just take 5 minutes and do a minimum of 3 deep breath and you will see how your mind is able to think more clearly, how your body feels re-energized and your spirit feels alive. The beauty of the Breath exercise you can repeat as many times as you need to with not side-effects.

#2 Uncover the treasures stored within YOU.

We are always looking outside of us for tools and resources to helps us through life. Yet we seldom take the time to go within our own hearts and connect to the deeper knowing within ourselves. We all have had those extraordinary experiences where we knew because we knew-- within our own heart what to do or what to choose, that had nothing to do with facts or validation from the outside world. I invite you to connect to your heart and listen to the soft whispers of your spirit and let those treasures within YOU unravel the beauty and magic within YOU.

#3 Engage Your Passion

Passion is something we experience since we were a child. As a child we quickly engage our passion be it for toys or for playing with our friends or for sport or for any activity that gave us pleasure and joy. What we never understood was how to harness that precious passion into adulthood in a consistent manner. The key is to engage that innate PASSION that is within each of YOU. What makes you fire up with creativity and hope? What gives you cause for celebration? What makes you feel such joy that nothing outside of you can take it away from you? Take those first steps and engage in that innate Passion that is stored within you and create anew.

#4 Create an easy Action Plan

Here is where most well intended plan for change goes a little off the tracks. The ACTION PLAN can become too structured or to outside our ingrained pattern or routine and before we know it we forget we had an Action Plan at all!! So what if we create an Action Plan that is realistic and it feels like if we are just dancing to the music we love? Creating an ACTION PLAN should be with the understanding of accepting where we are in the present time and looking for small steps that build on each other like dancing steps ... softly dance us to the next stage into WHOLENESS!

So simply jot down any small step you can change in your daily routine and do it for a full month. Don't worry in journaling other than taking note when you started to do this new change in your daily routine. At the end of the month just review your present state of mine and see if something has shifted or change for you. If something has change towards the positive then move to another small step you can add that would be a change in your daily routine. If nothing has shifted you have 2 choices to make (1) you can continue for another 2 months and wait to see the results in the 3 month or (2) Add another change in your daily routine even if you didn't see any changes. The key is to not focus on what it was not accomplished but instead keep on that you are putting into action something new in your daily routine.

#5 Celebrate LIFE

It seems simple and yet because of our stressful lives we tend to CELEBRATE LIFE only on special occasions. What makes us not celebrate life daily? What makes us create a pattern of only celebrating the so called "big stuff"? Its is truly within our daily life that we have the opportunity to celebrate with greater sense of connection with our spirit. It's when we take a few moments each day to be grateful for the opportunities given to us that day. I invite you to make a practice of Celebrating Life daily, it is as easy as admiring the surroundings around you even if they are mundane like an office space or seeing nature as you walk your neighborhood or admiring the beauty of the architectural design of buildings as you drive in the city or just simple celebrating you are alive!

Make sure to take a few moments each day in CELEBRATE LIFE!

The beauty of WHOLENESS is you can do all these 5 Tips or some or one.... and you will feel better and above all that wellness starts within YOU!

Take charge of YOUR LIFE!!

Experience a Life & Love Mentoring session TODAY!

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