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What makes us jump into new adventures?

I recently discovered a part of me that loves adventure, that feels joyful when I explore new things or experience new opportunities....and yet for a great part of my life I felt anxious and nervous any time I thought of venturing into exploring the unknown. I created a circle of safetiness that didn't allow me to travel too far alone or do things on my own, such as; going to the movies or going to a restaurant or traveling -- whatever action I took was mainly with family and friends. I had to feel safe.

I admire all of those people that go off to search, explore and experience without any fears or any anxieties, instead they leap into the adventure with joy.

I am fortunate to discover the joy of adventure even if it was in my 50's, for it has given me a zest for life that I had not experienced before and has allowed for me to create a new life. It is the part of me that loves the adventure that allowed me to break away from old patterns and beliefs that were keeping me inslaved.

I invite you to look around you and see what part of you loves the adventure and how can you honor that part of you? What can you do to start trusting that inquisitive side that likes to explore and feel the thrill of the unknown?

You only have to take a small step at a time and you will see how you are able to achieve the unimaginable. So start today What small action can you take that is out of your comfort zone? Just do it!

Enjoy the ride!

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