Can we be liberated from being identified by labels?..

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The world is changing and fast ... at the speed of lighting and yet at the same time it feels as the resistance to change keep us trying to catch up to these changes....

Can the conversation of transgender open the door for society to be liberated from cataloging everything as one thing or another? Can it open the door for humanity to see each other without labels? Can it free us from society's imposed standards and expecations? Can it libearte us and birth a society that embraces diversity, differences, and unqieness; things that are at the core of our humanness? Can we finally be free to be who we are without having to justify our truth?

Just watched two great interviews by Bruce Jenner's with Diane Sawyer and Janet Mook with Oprah Winfrey in Soul Sunday with her book Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More.

Watching them speaking from their own truth without trying to justify themselves but just calmly educating us into understanding a world of which we had chosen to judge from ignorance and fear.

Their courage and strength truly is inspiring and can courage and inspiration to so many .... Can you stand in your truth without justifying it? Do you know what is your truth? Can you describe yourself without adding any labels? Can you define you life without any title or labels? Just try it... Who am I and what is my story?

I bet it is not easy to write your story without defining yourself as a woman or man, as mother or a daughter or a sister... or using your job, career or profession.

Being able to define ourselves from that inner core of whom we are as human beings is something we have not been that exposed to by our society thus it is hard to think in those terms. I wonder what kind of world we could be if we see each other as human beings and not from the separations of race, religion, culture, language or political views, econimic status, etc.

Can we evolve into a greater society if we continue to judge each other without knowing who we truly are? Can we truly have world peace if we are not open to learn and live in a world of diversity?

Can we be proud of our children even if they choose not to go to college? or choose a career that will not bring him/she high status in society? or choose not to marry? or choose to explore the world and not adhere to what society is expecting from him or her?

What can we do in our own lives that can open our surroundings to explore the horizon and not keep us believing the world is flat? I do have to admit this world of exploring and enjoying adventures was not my strength and for many years I played it safe -- yet recently I discovered the freedom you can achieve when you open yourslef to the adventure and the exploration -- your horizon expands and life shows you a view that spands into the infinity..... invite you to explore, expand and adventure into a horizon full of possibilites beyond your self imposed limitations.

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