What makes us look for a short cut?

Have you wondered why we are always looking for the shortest distance to the finish line? Why are we in a constant search for the "One Solution Miracle Cure All"?

For many it is their bread and butter as they try to sell the latest product or services. It is fascinating to see, us the consumer, knowing it is too good to be true and still falling for it... we

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I used to think this was a terrible situation of which was hard to break away--for as human beings it is something that we can't control-- our inner urge to find a short cut is within our DNA.

And then I realized this was more profound and deeper that what I had previews thought as it may be giving us some inner guidance or messages that we are not listening too and thus it continues to repeat and repeat...

So my question became Why am I desiring a short cut? Am I running away from something? or Am I just genuinely searching to make this life on earth more effecient or simpler or happier?

Recently I was shown how I at times get stuck on a project because I am not willing to shift with the changing environments thus creating at times an impass that instead of helping makes me feel frustrated and not worthy of accomplishing the project. I had to really work hard with myself to change the habit of thinking it was good to persevere no matter what-- unfortunately what I was not taking into consideration is the facts that things affecting the project could shift and thus persevering on the same course of action was not the most successful plan.

Many of my friends think I am open to the exploration and adventure, as they see me doing things that looks like risk taking but the truth is that it has taken me a lot of inner work and breaking old patterns and beliefs for me to be able to embrace the adventure. I had to give myself permission to fail. I had to release old expectations and know that it is okay if I don't succeed as I had originally planned-- but instead to look at the experiences and see how I can enjoy them and even find their hidden treasures. And boy! did I find priceless treasures-- those that only when you discover them by yourself can you fully enjoy the precious joy they bring you.

So go for it... look for your short cuts but always knowing that the quest is the adventure of figuring out a new path not because you are running away!

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