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Your Life Story sets you free... welcome Caitlyn Jenner and all those brave enough to stand up on th

I am a strong believer in the power behind each of our life stories. It is in our own life story we draw the fuel to do the impossible or the unimaginable. As Bruce Jenner he did some amazing accomplishments and as Caitlyn Jenner she continues to do amazing accomplishments-- the reason that both can do amazing accomplishments is because it is in the individual and not outside, is in the life story that we find the ingredients to create and accomplish amazing things.

If you take the time to look at your own life story you will find so many wonderful hidden treasures that can empower you beyond your imgaination. We have been taught to negate or erase or delete from our life stories memories that are of pain, drama, chaos and surely it is not the best way to deal with a traumatic event. But given the right scenarion and environment if you can look back to your whole life story with all the bad and the good you will find even in the worst of the worst you received something that has given you a hidden treasure.

We all have a story to tell and in that story we find our own power, our own inner strength and above all we find that it is inside of us and not outside of us! If we can take just a moment and review our memories as simple as looking through old pictures or just remembering people in our lives we can start seeing the hidden beauty in our own life story.

It is by doing my own review and seeing the magic within my own story that I developed the work I do today-- guiding people to discover and own their own life story which allows them to feel they are walking their soul's mission. The process is not an esay one and not a magic bullet yet as you start the walking it is as the universe confabulates to assist you and before you know it the journey becomes like if you have been given the best dancing partner you could ever dance with...

I truly encourage anyone that wants to feel whole and fulfilled to just open yourself to seeing the magic within your own amazing life story!

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