In Search for Your Soulmate?

I am always baffled when I see so many people focus on looking for a soulmate, as if the soulmate would be the answer to all their problems. I hear them telling me how they have a longing for that "perfect soul" that will complete them... hold it What! Complete you? so Am I talking to half of someone? How does that work? How can someone else complete me? For sure I have always believe I have enough of me to be me... so why would I want more of me? Since I was very young I always felt that the partner I would want by my side would compliment me... not complete me!

As life has it after 20 plus years working in the corporate world I had a shifted my career and started my work as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. In theses 15 years plus I have consitently seen people seraching for that missing ingredient that will make them happy... as if that ingredient would be the cure for all their aliments. For those that have come to my private sessions or have taken one of my workshops you all know that I always start with the key ingredient to this Soulmate quest which is YOU!

In all relationships there are at least two individuals with their own database (knowledge stored within their memories from the moment they were born) and it doesn't necessary needs another database to make them whole. The key is understand your database that is a store house within you. When you are able to understand your own unique WHY, the answers of why you feel, think and act the way you do... you open yourself to the magic ingredient that heals all... when you embrace your fullness and start to feel you completeness... When you are able to see the Why you stored the memories they way you do or Why you filed them under that emotion such as with pain vs joy or vice versa you start to welcome back to your consciousness the real YOU.

How can you dance with a partner if you don't know what your body can do? Have you every seen a great couple dancing together? They move as if they knew each other most intimate movements and it is not because one thinks or believe the other will complete them but because each has dedicated the time and effort to know themselves -- to know their own movements with such intimacy that they can response to their partners movement instantly thru the instinct of two bodies sharing their knowledge of the dance.

If you are looking for your soulmate or even if you already have a soulmate or a partner and want to feel that partnership that feels like a soulmate...I encourage you to look within you and discover the beauty of your wholeness.

Start by discovering within you... What are your movements?, Why you do what you do?, What makes you joyful or sad? What moves you within you? Do you like to dance, sing, act, play or ....? Love each and every imperfection for they all bring you to your uniquenesses! Celebrate that you are one of a kind and the more you enjoy this oneness with Self the more joy and happiness comes to your heart. Instead of ignoring or rejecting those things you feel or think is imperfect learn from them and engage them to share with you the knowledge you have gain from having them.

The more you dance with yourself freely... openly...joyfully embracing each step or movement .... the more you feel the wholeness within YOU... you will, all of the sudden, see how easy you atract or improve that dancing partner... the one that will compliment you as you compliment him or her, without changing each other instead taking advantages of each other individual mastery.

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