Karma... the understanding that our actions do have consequences~

So much has been written about the Law of Karma. For many is something they dread, for others they just see it as a way to keep someone doing the right thing, yet for others it continues to be vague and confusing---meanwhile we live in a society that seems to encourage at times the idea that consequences really don't matter.

For me, Karma is very simple, is the Universe Law that holds hands with the Law of Cause and Effect or "for every action there is a reaction" however you want to called it -- it is the simple way to know that for every action you take there is consequences good or bad and as long as you take responsibility for each action then your so call Karma is not something to fear but instead is to be proud of having one.

Recently I was shown this beautiful metaphor, I was shown the vision of a jungle, just as the picture shown, the jungle represented earth with all its living organizism from the elementals, to plants, to animals, to humans and how each is here to work together...to find a way to honor each other's place in God's earth. So you can approach the jungle and create your space by destroying or by honoring the existing environment.

How you choose to carve your space in this earth is up to each of us and thus each of us have a story to be accountable for, not of fear but just from a simple understanding that taking responsibility for every action taken good or bad makes us create in oneness with this beautiful earth.

I invite you not to let the word "Karma" confuse you or stop you or make you fearful but instead hopfully make you be adventureous, go ahead explore... let your own experiences create the path. Stand up and take responsibility for each step you take and let the path take you to carve a wonderful and beautiful place in this earth.

Don't let the word "Karma" make you create a life of guilt, unhealed wounds, hidden abuses, or of feeling powerless but instead let the word "Karma" make you stand up, tell your truth, stop the corruptions, abuses and injuries. Let the word "Karma" be what makes us create a safe world for everyone! Be proud of your "Karma"!

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