"Shaming others to get what you want"

If we could just take a moment and observe the interaction between people in our society today we can observe a constant shaming that is being weaved through the narrative of our conversations.

Even the people that considered themselves of high morales succumb to "shaming others to get what they want" epidemic. It is so widely spread that it has become an unconscious pattern, weaved in almost all conversation but seen more prominent in social media.

It used to be that having an opinion or being able to choice freely was respected and admired. But if you read social media, watch the news or try to post something that is controvertial the backlash you get is unimaginable. I am not here to say everything is acceptable or that being abusive is acceptable because is free speech; but when we profess a passion for freedom of speech what are we really desiring? Do we want freedom of speech as long it doesn't offend anyone? or as long it is in line with what I believe? or complete freedom of speech no matter if it offends or not?

Shaming has become a way to bully others to our way of thinking or believing regardless of respecting each other right to believe, think and act from our own free will. Religious people will say that God gifted man with freewill yet they themselves are the first one to take away God's gift to man when the freewill of the person is not in alignment with their belief. That same goes to non-religious people, for shaming is a tool used by all regardless of race, sex, religious belief or gender.

What can we do as individuals, living in a free society, to shift from shaming to respecting each other's beliefs, opinions, thoughts and actions while maintaining the right to voice our discord? What can we do as a society to come together and unite for a better tomorrow? It takes individuals desiring a better society to create that better world we all desire for our future generations. Lets start now!

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