Tips in Creating a Healthy Living

What determines a Healthy Living? With such a prosperous market for all products and services that promises the key to healthy living, we know this is not an easy question to answer. The answer can vary depending from what prospective you are looking at this issue. Is it a "Healthy Living" being physically fit? or mentally? or is there more than just the physically fit and mentally fit? could it be our attitude towards life?....

For most of us when we hear "Healthy Living" it can makes us think of all the things we wish we would be doing or could be doing or should be doing... yet for others is something that is already part of their lifestyle.

So lets start first by defining for ourselves what is "Healthy Living" and then we can create a workflow that can be executed with total success! When we are able to expose our inner truth of who we are and what makes us feel healthy we open the door to a path of wholeness, fulfillment and a deeper sense of success.


Step 1: Take a blank piece of paper and write YOUR definition of "Healthy Living". Just brainstorm and write everything that comes to your mind even if is silly or makes no sense; allow the inner child within you to just play.

Step 2: Take a break 5-10 minutes and just stretch and drink some water it will help you for the next part.

Step 3: Now take do some deep breathing just to align yourself to the intention of uncovering the truth that is within you. Just take at least 3 deep in breath and exhale. With a clear mind and with a loving intention to discover your "healthy you" lets look at the list and read it out loud (yes, even if we are alone). After reading the list what jumps at you? Circle the words and observe what feeling they evoke in you. Leave the words that don't jump at all or may give you a feeling of blah, flat, no energy, etc.

Step 4: Take all the words that you circled and now create a phrase using all the words and see what comes out. Imagine each word is a flower and you are creating a lei of flowers. (See example below)

Step 5: After you create your phrase just read it out loud and observe how your body reacts to the words as you read them out loud. Close you eyes repeat the phrase until you can see an imagine of you as you repeat the phrase. Can you see you in that image? How does it make you feel? Now take this imagine and embrace her..... Yes this image is not outside of you it is part of the inner beauty hidden within you!

Step 6: For 30 day or more each morning take a few minutes to say the phrase you created and imagine embracing that part of you. (This should take less than 2 minutes). Then observe through the day how you feel and every time you feel needing comfort food (such as chocolate, candies, salty or fatty food) just close your eye state your phrase and feel the embrace of that part of you now embracing you. Take a stretch like walk around the office, or better yet if you can go outside walk for 3 mins.

Remember this is just a exercise and doesn't mean you have to make this a task to be completed 100% instead allow yourself to have fun with this exercise and make it an exploring exercise. Pretend you are exploring... let it be a wondering exercise "If I do this I wonder what will happen?" When we engage the explorer within us we can achieve greater results.

So I invite you to explore.... wondering.... how many inner treasures and wisdoms will you discover with you!


Brainstorm session: energized, happy, exhausted, snickers, active, joyful, laughter, eating food by body enjoys, feeling lighter, weighing less, feeling sexy, fueled, enjoying life, etc.

Circled words: joyful, happy, feeling lighter, enjoying life, energized, weighing less

Phrase: Enjoying life, feeling lighter, weighing less and energized in being happy and joyful.

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