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Love....Love..Love... contagious yet elusive

We are born with the sense of what is Love... there is something within our own instinct that allows us to know the qualities of love even before we can hear, speak or react. It is an imprint pattern within our souls, so profound that is hard to understand for it doesn't respond to logic. Anyone that has had the privilege of holding a newborn knows this feeling that unexplainable feeling that comes from the deepest part of our heart and right away we just love this tiny human being beyond anything we have ever experienced before in our life.

It is a feeling that surpasses any logic and brings to those experiencing it a sense of fulfillment and joy that is indescribable yet desired by all. There is a quest that surges from the depth of our soul making us search through our life for that feeling, that feeling that embraces you and makes you smile with such joy -- that joyful smile that you can't control it just surface from the bottom of you heart.

For sure there is a lot written about Love and how to achieve it.... that Love that makes us melt away all anger and all saddens from our life just like a magical potion. Yet it seems we are in a constant search to experience such Love that is told by great love stories as shown in movies, books, TV, etc.

It is so simple and yet we make it so complicated.... remember you already know this Love for it is within you, it is in your own unconsciousness buried deep inside your heart… it await for you to liberate it! I invite you to remember when you have felt the joy within your heart that makes you want to hug... Yes! That joy that puts a smile in your face without you being able to control it..... it can be as simple as seeing a newborn or holding that precious baby in your arms,,,, it can be just watching your pet looking at you with those eyes that tells us how much they love us...unconditional love as innocent as any newborn... or it can be just enjoying the beauty of nature... the beauty of the rivers, oceans, sunsets, sunrises, or the simple beauty of a flower in in full bloom.... whatever it is for you...Go! Experience that sense of love and as you have experienced it before... hold on to that feeling, bring it inside of you.... put it right in the middle of you heart and just dance with the feeling of that joy of that love... Make a habit of looking at something every day and feeling the joy... let LOVE BLOOM within your HEART!

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