Are You on Top of the Mountain? or Striving to be on Top of the Mountain?

What makes us desire to be on top of the mountain? What makes us believe that being on top makes us successful? What if you don't desire to be on top, does that make you a loser? What if the top is not all that is cracked to be? It is absolutely true that we are in constant motion and thus continuously creating and evolving into something new .... and YES at times it may seem nothing is happening.

The truth is we are continually evolving and growing, making choices continuously through out the day ... and that cycle is 24/7 since the moment we took our first breath into this life. We may not remember when was that first time we took our first breath as a newborn but just try to remember what is the first memory you may have ... what is the first memory of a feeling or thought? It is most probably a faint memory of when you experienced something and you recorded it into your unconscious mind.... a faint memory of when you played for the first time in a playground or the feeling of being embraced by your parents or the sense of laughter... and as you start picking up on those first memories you can also start to see the memories of "Joy" or of "Laughter" are coming up faster than any of the detailed experiences.

Now when was the first time you felt that if you were on top of the mountain your life would be successful? When was the first time you can remember you desired to be at the top? When did you started to believe that to be successful you most be at the top of (fill in the blank)? Do you belief if you are at the top... life will be easier? or Did you belief if your are at the top you will be wealthy or be happy? Did you ever thought if you are at the top that you would be feeling chaos, anxious with panic attacks or depressed?

Somewhere as we started to grow up we started to pick up the belief that being at the top is to be desired, that being at the top would give you self-worth, that being at the top will bring you admiration from others, that being at the top will bring you the ability to control your destiny...and so much more...

Now be aware of what makes you feel fulfilled or accomplished. What kind of feelings come up when you feel fulfilled? Does the feeling of being fulfilled coming from within your heart, your mind or from outside of you? So many times people find themselves with a longing within their hearts even though they are on top of the mountain....they still feel emptiness even though they should be feeling fulfilled and joyful. You see the true feeling of success is truly appreciated if what you have achieved fulfills your heart's desire and passion.

Beware of the feeling that makes your heart sing and then make that your marker for your journey. Be conscious of the feelings you are experiencing through the journey towards what you heart desires....make sure you don't limit yourself to just one feeling but give yourself the unlimited ranges of feelings that will enrich your journey experiencing and learning to the embrace the full scale of feelings will give you a deeper meaning of what your heart truly desire and lead you successfully to YOUR top of the mountain experience.

JOY is a common feeling people have has a marker, that is the feeling of Joy in their hearts gives them the sense that they are doing what their heart desires, indicating that what they are working at or for will bring them the feeling of being on the top of the mountain. If joy is what you feel in the journey toward the top of the mountain then when you arrive at the top .... you will find JOY and it will not matter anymore if the top of the mountain was not quite as you had imagined because you will discover that the real truth is that to be on top of the mountain is not a destination but the realization that no matter where you are if your heart feels JOY it will feel as if you are on the top of the mountain!

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