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3 Easy Steps to Failure

I started to wonder if anyone would be interested in some simple and easy steps to FAILURE?

As I observed a bombardment in Social Media promoting a barrage of 3 or 5 or 7 Steps or Keys to all types of Success.... Be a Millionaire in just 6 days!... Create a large Email list in just months, etc...In case no one has covered this "niche" here are:

3 Simples Steps to FAILURE

#1 Believe that others have the key to your success.

Listening to everyone without any discernment or evaluating if their formula for success fits within your own set of values can make you become a clone of someone else's value system.

You are the only one that can truly know what fits for you or not. Many experts can guide you by sharing their expertise or their successes but only you can discern which formula works best for you.

Remember we all have opinions of which share very freely in Social Media and it is why it a river overflowing of opinions. It is up to us to decided if someone's opinion is something we want to listen to or not because at the end what counts is yours!

#2 Looking unto others for validation.

This will bring you more heartbreak, pain, and failure that you could ever imagine.When we give others such power over your life, you are truly handing over your own self-determination and self-worth. You are the only one that can truly know within your heart what works for you and what makes you feel fulfilled.

Falling into the tempting "Labeling" pattern of society or other people's value system is so easy that we do it without realizing that we are part of that pattern. You are the only one that can break the limitations and boxes that labeling puts on you or just be part of it, which ever you choose remember is your own choice.

#3 Staying put because "I am waiting for Greater Insight or Divine Inspiration or God to show me the way".

This step can be one of the easiest to fall into if you believe you don't have the expertise or the wisdom of someone you admire and/or if you have awakened to your spiritual journey and believe that God's message will come from outside of you.

What brings Divine Inspirational or God's message or that Wisdom you admire from an expert is not just being inactive but instead actively listening to your own heart, understanding what thoughts and/or actions makes you feel in alignment with your Divine/God. It is true that your heart does know when you are off alignment. But if Failure is what you are seeking be sure not to listen to your heart.

All of these 3 simple steps can be accomplished in an instant. Yet you can also choose to value yourself, discern other people's expertise, actively experiment and explore what makes you feel fulfilled.

SUCCESS or FAILURE is dependent of how you define the words. What you may define as failure can be seen by others as courageous for taking the risk and can even bring you admiration. What may seem as a success to others could feel like a failure to you. YOU ARE ULTIMATELY THE KEY to FAILURE OR SUCCESS....

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