Sun Eclipse;Two Lovers Coming Together to Be One

Imagine two lovers that see glimpses of each other every day from afar without being able to be together ... Each and every day they send their love through the Universe as each sends out their rays of light. And then every so often within the space and time of earth years, these two lovers have the opportunity to meet and become ONE.

The Sun Eclipse that will pass over the USA this coming August 21st, 2017, gives us all the opportunity to choose in what emotional state do we want to be when these two lovers come together? Do we want to magnify the powerful love of ONE or the fears of SEPARATION?

I know that Fear, Anxiety, Grief, Anger, Guilt, Pride, and Shame can make us want to choose Separation. If we choose to "Let Go and Let God In" it will allow us to open our heart to ONENESS. This simple exercise helps us release all those emotions that make us choose separation. It also allows for us to embrace the power that is in-stored within us ~Oneness~ God's LOVE. As we Let GOD IN be are able to liberate ourselves from our own self-made slavery. The unconscious slavery of holding on to fear, grief, guilt, shame, etc is what keeps us choosing separation.

The choice is so simple if we could see it from a great love story... two great lovers coming together then it is easy to choose LOVE... it is easy to choose ONE... it is easy to open our hearts to the beauty within us and discover that same LOVE and ONENESS that lives within us. Let's START NOW.... LET GO (of all emotions of fear, shame, anger, and guilt) and LET GOD IN (embracing the love within us).

Let this Sun Eclipse be the moment we choose to MAGNIFY ONENESS WITHIN US.... so we can radiate it to others!

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